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Nikke tier list and reroll guide July 2024

With our Nikke tier list, you can discover who the best heroes are to take into battle, and our Nikke reroll guide can help ensure you get them.

Nikke tier list: A close-up of new character Clay's pouty face

Of course, as with any mobile RPG, this game features many different heroes, but our Nikke tier list is here to help you discover who the best battle-hardened individuals are. The world is in danger, and in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, it’s up to you to lead a group of elite warriors to victory.  We also have a Nikke reroll guide in case you don’t get the character you want straight away.

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Here are our PvE and PvP Nikke tier lists:

Nikke story tier list

Rank Nikke characters
S Alice, Anis: Sparkling Summer, Blanc, Crown, D: Killer Wife, Dorothy, Liter, Maxwell, Modernia, Naga, Noir, Red Hood, Scarlet, Scarlet: Black Shadow, Tia
A 2B, A2, Alice: Wonderland Bunny, Centi, Dolla, Emilia, Harran, Helm: Aquamarine, Laplace, Ludmilla: Winter Owner, Marciana, Noise, Privaty, Privaty: Unkind Maid, Rapunzel, Rem, Snow White, Soda: Twinkling Bunny, Volume
B Anis, Biscuit, Drake, Elegg, Guillotine, Helm, Kilo, Mary: Bay Goddess, Mica: Snow Buddy, Miranda, N102, Pascal, Pepper, Poli, Quency, Ram, Rupee, Snow White: Innocent Days
C Ade, Admi, Anchor, Diesel, Epinel, Exia, Guilty, Jackal, Leona, Makima, Mast, Milk, Moran, Nihilister, Noah, Novel, Power, Quiry, Sakura, Sugar, Tove, Trony, Viper, Yulha
D Anne: Miracle Fairy, Aria, Bay, Belorta, Clay, Cocoa, D, Folkwang, Frima, Himeno, Julia, Ludmilla, Maiden, Mary, Mihara, Nero, Rapi, Rupee: Winter Shopper, Sin, Soda, Soline, Vesti, Yan, Yuni
E Brid, Crow, Delta, Emma, Ether, Eunhwa, iDoll Flower, iDoll Ocean, iDoll Sun, Isabel, Mica, Neon, Neon: Blue Ocean, Neve, Product 08, Product 12, Product 23, Rei, Rosanna, Shifty, Signal, Soldier EG, Soldier FA, Soldier OW

Nikke tier list: Official artwork of Moran in a dark alleyway, wearing sunglasses and looking serious

Nikke PVP tier list

Rank Nikke characters
S 2B, Alice, Anis, Anis: Sparkling Summer, Anne: Miracle Fairy, Bay, Biscuit, Blanc, Centi, Emilia, Jackal, Kilo, Maiden, Moran, Noah, Noise, Privaty: Unkind Maid, Rapunzel, Red Hood, Rosanna, Scarlet, Scarlet: Black Shadow, Soda: Twinkling Bunny
A A2, Drake, Harran, Makima, Nero, Nihilister, Noir, Pascal, Pepper, Poli, Power, Privaty, Sugar, Tia, Viper
B Anchor, Brid, Crown, Emma, Folkwang, Guilty, Laplace, Liter, Ludmilla, Maxwell, Mica: Snow Buddy, Modernia, Neon, Quiry, Sakura, Vesti
C Alice: Wonderland Bunny, Cocoa, D, D: Killer Wife, Diesel, Dorothy, Helm, Julia, Marciana, Mary, Mary: Bay Goddess, Mast, Mica, Mihara, Naga, Product 23, Quency, Rupee: Winter Shopper, Sin, Snow White, Snow White: Innocent Days, Tove
D Ade, Admi, Belorta, Crow, Delta, Dolla, Elegg, Epinel, Ether, Eunhwa, Frima, Guillotine, Helm: Aquamarine, Himeno, Isabel, Leona, Ludmilla: Winter Owner, Milk, Miranda, N102, Neve, Ram, Rei, Rem, Rupee, Soda, Soline, Trony, Volume, Yan, Yulha, Yuni
E Aria, Exia, iDoll Flower, iDoll Ocean, iDoll Sun, Neon: Blue Ocean, Novel, Product 08, Product 12, Rapi, Signal, Soldier EG, Soldier FA, Soldier OW

Awaiting ranking: Shifty

How do I perform a Nikke reroll?

Rerolling in Goddess of Victory: Nikke is similar to the majority of gacha games, you just have to:

  • Launch Goddess of Victory: Nikke
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Use your free pulls
  • If you don’t get the result you want, log out
  • Log in with your email address
  • Repeat the process until you get the character you want
  • Go to your settings and bind your email

There you have it, our Nikke tier list and reroll guide. If you want some similar games to play, you can check out our picks for the best mobile RPGs.