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Diablo Immortal barbarian build guide

Battle and bash your way through the underworld with our Diablo Immortal barbarian build guide, detailing all the best skills, gems, and stats for the brute

Key art of Diablo Immortal's Barbarian, holding their customary axes

If you’re more of an axe-swing first and ask questions later kind of demon slayer, then the Diablo Immortal barbarian is the best call for your adventure through Activision Blizzard’s mobile action RPG. With ridiculous bulk, and power to boot, this unholy alternative to the crusader smashes skulls with ease wherever they find themselves. 

As you’ve found yourself here, that means you’re probably looking for a Diablo Immortal barbarian build guide. Despite the natural strengths of, well, strength in this class, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the best combination of skills, gems, and stats are, so we’ve put together some tried and tested strategies to barge through the baddies and bosses of the underworld.

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Best Diablo Immortal barbarian skills

As a melee and strength-based class, both the primary and secondary skills of Diablo Immortal’s barbarian centre around being right in the heat of the battle. The default level one primary skill, lacerate, is one of the better starting skills throughout the classes, launching a series of powerful attacks. The level 32 primary skill unlock for the barbarian, frenzy, is also incredibly effective, functioning similarly to lacerate, but with a higher damage output that stacks up to five times. 

A battle screenshot of the Diablo Immortal barbarian taking down a spectral horse

Unlike some characters who have different options in their playstyle, the only real way to go with the barbarian is to build an all-out brute that’s perfectly comfortable in the thralls of battle. Because of this, we’ve selected the moves that consistently deal the most damage, or offer quicker attacking options, leaving you to try a few out and find your favourites. 

Skill Unlock level Skill type Skill effect
Hammer of the Ancients One Damage Summon a giant hammer to damage opponents and shake the ground for two seconds
Whirlwind Eight Damage/channel Spin quickly in a target area, damaging any enemies that come into contact 
Sprint 15 Buff Increase your movement speed by 50%, while being able to pass through enemies for 4.5 seconds
Ground stomp 41 Charge/control Chargeable ground stomp that deals damage and stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds
Undying rage 44 Buff Four seconds of invulnerability, as well as a 30% health increase for all damage to opponents during the time 
Wrath of the berserker  50 Buff Double your attack speed, and increase your movement speed by 20% for 6.5 seconds

Best gems for Diablo Immortal barbarian

There are no prizes for guessing what we’re looking for when deciding on gems for Diablo Immortal’s barbarian – essentially, whatever best boosts brute strength even further.  For this reason, we recommend the chained death orb, offering a further boost for what the barbarian does best – clattering through multiple opponents. There are other options to suit other playstyles and builds though, so check out the list below. 

Gem Effect
Chained death Increases your damage output depending on the number of enemies you’re currently fighting 
Fervent fang Creates a stacking damage bonus that is particularly useful against single bosses 
Berserker’s eye  Boosts damage output and damage taken, which is manageable with the barbarian’s bulk

Diablo Immortal's barbarian using a fire attack

Best stats for Diablo Immortal barbarian 

Much like the crusader, you want to aim your stat increases towards strength, fortitude, and vitality. With just these three elements combined, you can easily build a tanky barbarian who can lead from the front, while ranged and magic attackers create chaos from behind. There is some scope for willpower, though it’s too situationally dependent to need a buff all the time, and there’s absolutely no need for any intelligence aspects. 

Now you should be fully prepared to piece together a Diablo Immortal barbarian build and head out to decapitate some demons. For more hell-raising adventures, be sure to check out our picks for the best games like Diablo on Switch and mobile. And if you’re playing the latest game, then check out the best Diablo 4 Necromancer build, a full Diablo 4 classes list, and the PCGamesN team and Blizzard’s recommendations for the best Diablo 4 builds.