Diablo Immortal crusader build guide

Barge into the heat of battle knowing you’ve got what it takes to slay some devils and demons, with our Diablo Immortal crusader build guide

Key art of Diablo Immortal crusader posing with sword and shield

There’s a bunch of classes to decide from in Activision Blizzard’s mobile tour of Sanctuary, but the Diablo Immortal crusader might be the best of the bunch. However, with so many moves to choose from, and more than a few different pieces of equipment, it can be difficult to know how to mould your warrior into a demon demolisher. 

That’s where we come in, with our comprehensive Diablo Immortal crusader build guide. With the class functioning as a strength/melee combo, we’re going to show you how to build a tanky attacker that can lead you and your allies into even the darkest of battles, as well as highlighting some of the most attractive aspects of the crusader class that are often glossed over. 

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Best Diablo Immortal crusader skills

Diablo Immortal’s crusader has two primary skills, just like the rest of the classes, with punish available from level one, and sacred fire unlocking at level 34. Punish is a pretty standard basic attack, dealing damage to the opponent while offering a small 30% block buff for two seconds, while sacred fire steps up the heat by setting fire to the crusader’s sword with holy flames, dealing damage to adjacent enemies. 

Diablo Immortal crusader skill menu options

When deciding on the more specialist or scenario-based secondary skills for Diablo Immortal’s crusader, the only sensible way to go is for all-out power. For this reason, the crusader makes a particularly potent partner for Diablo Immortal’s necromancer, providing a human shield between enemies and the dark mage. 

Skill Unlock level Skill type Skill effect
Spinning shield One Gather Throw a spinning shield that damages enemies, before pulling them towards the crusader to deal additional damage (maximum of three charges) 
Draw and quarter  15 Buff / damage  Summon a war horse of pure light to increase your movement speed, cancel out movement debuffs, and change your primary attack to a dragging mechanic to move enemies across the field 
Shield charge 41 Dash / control Charge into a group of enemies shield first, dealing damage and stunning any knocked into the environment for three seconds 
Sacred chain 44 Control  Throw a set of chains that damages, and then stuns, up to eight enemies 
Holy banner 38  Buff  Summon a beam of light that increases critical hit change to 100% for 11 seconds, while lowering critical hit damage slightly 
Conjuration of light 50 Buff Provides three seconds of damage immunity for all allies

Your strategy for deciding set moves should suit whatever challenge you’re facing, be that difficult one-on-one battles, or taking on swarms of skeletons. Sacred chain, spinning shield, and draw and quarter are imperative when facing larger groups, allowing you to control the masses while keeping movement speed high, so we recommend that trio. As for boss battles, shield charge is an excellent way of keeping yourself safe while attacking, and don’t forget to use conjuration of light to keep your party in good condition. 

Diablo Immortal crusader in battle dealing damage

Best gems for Diablo Immortal crusader

As Diablo Immortal’s crusader is a melee-heavy attacker, you need to concentrate on gems that boost attacking prowess. We specifically recommend the Berserker’s eye, providing you have enough strength to tank a few hits with the crusader’s various shield effects. Still, other options below also work if you need an alternative. 

Gem Effect
Berserker’s eye The berserker’s eye boosts damage output while increasing damage taken, turning the sturdy crusader into one of Diablo Immortal’s more powerful glass cannons
Chained death Increases your damage output for the more enemies you’re currently fighting 
Fervent fang Creates a stacking damage bonus that is particularly useful against single bosses 
Blessing of the worth This gem boosts the crusader’s combat power, and has a special effect do deal a percentage of the user’s damage, which is particularly useful with a tanky crusader 

Best stats for Diablo Immortal crusader 

The order of importance for the crusader’s stats in Diablo Immortal is that power comes before all else, with fortitude and vitality sharing second place in the running. Essentially, you can discount willpower, unless you feel you need it for a specific scenario, and it’s not even worth thinking about intelligence as it has no bearing on any of the crusader’s primary strengths. 

There you have it, our comprehensive Diablo Immortal crusader build guide. If all this talk of tanks has you thinking about, well, actual tanks, why not get behind some artillery in our picks for the best games like PUBG on Switch and mobile. And if you’re playing the latest game, then check out the best Diablo 4 Necromancer build, a full Diablo 4 classes list, and the PCGamesN team and Blizzard’s recommendations for the best Diablo 4 builds.