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Diablo Immortal battle pass - all the rewards you can get

If you’re wondering what goodies you can get with the Diablo Immortal battle pass, we’ve got everything you need to know in a handy guide

Multiple ghost-like characters from Diablo Immortal, shining blue, weilding weapons, and wearing rugged armour.

Diablo Immortal’s launch has been wrapped up in all manner of chatter, but if you’re enjoying your time with Blizzard’s new mobile dungeon crawler, you’re going to want to get as much gear as possible. A good way to do that is to pay for it by buying the battle pass.

Any player of online multiplayer games is sure to know about battle passes, which get you more exclusive rewards as you climb up the ranks. The Diablo Immortal battle pass is no different, with a free path where you can dust and scraps, among other things, and a five-dollar path offering legendary items.

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Diablo Immortal battle pass

A character from Diablo Immortal, wearing gaudy armour, with white shining strands behind him.

How does the Diablo Immortal battle pass work?

The Diablo Immortal battle pass is a ranking system where you get different rewards as you move up it. You level up by getting battle points, which you can earn by completing guide quests and activities.

There are forty ranks for the battle pass, and it’s refreshed each season. Once maxed out, you can open a gift of renown for every 180 battle points you earn.

What Diablo Immortal battle pass rewards are there?

On the free path of the Diablo Immortal battle pass, you generally get rewarded with enchanted dust, scrap materials, hilts, and crests. Your rewards improve the further up the ranks you move.

The same applies to the five-dollar Diablo Immortal battle pass, called the enchanted path, except you get even better rewards, like gems, scoria, cosmetics, and emotes, among other things.

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