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Diablo Immortal monk build guide

Melee through the monsters of the Underworld with our Diablo Immortal monk build guide, including all the best skills, gems, and stats for the holy patroller

Key of Diablo Immortal's monk praying for build guide

There are few better equipped to fight the evil demons and devils of Sanctuary than Diablo Immortal’s monk. Unlike the zen types you might find at your local monastery, monks are much more of the warrior variation, providing a pummeling to any monster mad enough to get in their way. 

If you like the sound of that sort of power, we’ve got the Diablo Immortal monk build guide for you, with a detailed list of the best skills for taking on the scourge of Sanctuary. Equipped with a strong mind, and even stronger fists, the monk is the fastest moving of the strength orientated classes, easily outpacing both the crusader and the barbarian, and wasting no time in pulverising their enemy. 

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Best Diablo Immortal monk skills

As we mentioned earlier, Diablo Immortal’s monk is a melee/strength class, but one that differs significantly from the tankier front-foot classes. In fact, the monk is pretty unique in that it’s the glass cannon of the strength class fighters, with incredible potential, but less bulk to keep it in the game. Because of this, you need to prioritise not only hard-hitting attacks, but creating escape routes and shields when they’re needed. 

Screenshot of Diablo Immortal's monk in battle using special attacks

Before getting into secondary skills, the monk has two primary skills, one default, and one that unlocks at level 32. The default primary skill is fists of thunder, a teleporting attack that deals damage while moving you toward an opponent. The latter unlocked second primary skill is deadly reach, which sends out a projectile forcefield that damages enemies in the target area. Either is useful, but we recommend continuing to use fists of thunder for the teleporting effect. 

Skill Unlock level Skill type Skill effect
Flying kick One Dash/damage Lunge forward with a kick that deals damage and pushes enemies aside (up to three charges) 
Seven sided strike One Damage Rapidly attack seven times in a target area, stacking 50% extra damage on each target hit more than once 
Wave strike Eight Charge/damage  Release a chargeable wave of energy that carries enemies before exploding and dealing damage 
Mystic strike 15 Dash/gather Sprint forward a short distance, leaving an explosive spirit that damages enemies in your wake 
Exploding palm 20 Damage  Deal damage and inflict bleed status on enemies facing the attack, those who perish with bleed will explode and deal further damage to surrounding enemies 
Mystic allies 50  Damage Summon dual spirits to fight by your side with matching damage output and health 

You can combine many of these attacks to create more powerful combos, for example, mystic allies and seven sided strike synergise to hit enemies over twenty times in short succession, while wave strike and mystic strike provide quick battlefield movement as well as stacking damage effects. 

Best gems for Diablo Immortal monk

Dependent on how much risk you’re willing to take when using Diablo Immortal’s monk, the best gems to opt for are either the berserker’s eye or fervent fang. If you’re risk-averse, fervent fang is the sensible choice as it boosts attack on a single target, mitiagting some of the monk’s issues with boss battles. If you don’t mind taking a chance here or there, the berserker’s eye can help the monk deal sky-high damage, at the cost of taking heavy hits themselves. 

Gem Effect
Berserker’s eye The risk-reward with using the Berserker’s eye on the monk is entirely dependent on how confident you are with the class. The effect of the gem increases both damage output, and damage taken, making it easier to kill enemies and be killed yourself 
Chained death Amplifies damage the more enemies you’re currently facing, and works especially well against large groups 
Fervent fang The opposite of chained death, fervent fang is ideal for boss fights as it increases attack damage when facing a single foe 

Screenshot of Diablo Immortal's monk posing in the character selection screen

Best stats for Diablo Immortal monk

As a physical attacker, you want to pour as much as you can spare into strength for Diablo Immortal’s monk, while keeping up fortitude and vitality to slightly offset the holy warrior’s mediocre health. As with other melee/strength characters, you can essentially disregard intelligence as it has nothing to offer the monk in this build.

With that, you should be ready to pull Diablo Immortal’s monk out of their meditation and get to slaying monsters. If after all that you still haven’t had your fill of bringing down ferocious beasts and baddies, be sure to browse our list of games like Monster Hunter on Switch and mobile for your next fix. And if you’re playing the latest game, then check out the best Diablo 4 Necromancer build, a full Diablo 4 classes list, and the PCGamesN team and Blizzard’s recommendations for the best Diablo 4 builds.