Take your anger to the max with these new Disney Mirrorverse figures

The new Disney Mirrorverse Anger and Baymax figurines are the perfect way to show your support for the guardians, as they continue to kick some Fractured butt

Baymax in front of a spacey backdrop with his first raise as he celebrates the announcement of Disney Mirrorverse Anger and Baymax figures

There’s no rest for the wicked in Disney Mirrorverse, which means there are plenty of butts for the Disney Mirrorverse guardians to kick, and what better way to show your support for these heroes and villains than with a Disney Mirrorverse figure, a collection that continues to grow as McFarlane has two new ones on the way.

Soon the emotion we all succumb to no matter how much we try to keep it at bay, Anger, gets immortalised as a figurine, as does the ever-so-loveable Baymax. We have to admit we can’t help but love the new Disney Mirrorverse Anger and Baymax figurines, particularly the former, as fire bursts from his head.

As for Baymax, one of the heroes from Big Hero Six, he’s sporting his rather fetching armour that adorns his Mirrorverse character. Admittedly it surprises us that these two are the next characters to get the figurine treatment. We thought Anna, Elsa, Mr Incredible, or Maleficent would come before these two, not that they aren’t great additions to an already fabulous collection.

Disney Mirrorverse Anger figurine release date speculation

All we know for now is that the Disney Mirrorverse Anger figurine is available later this year.

Disney Mirrorverse Baymax figurine release date speculation

Much like with Anger, we don’t know the release date for the Baymax figurine though it’s sometime this year.

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