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Gotham Knights has Nightwing, Disney Mirrorverse needs Darkwing Duck

The people want a Disney Mirrorverse Darkwing Duck appearance, and we’d love to see this caped crusader show up to kick some serious Fractured butt

Disney Mirrorverse Darkwing Duck

Kabam continues to release new characters in Disney Mirrorverse, with the most recent additions being two of the most beloved villains Disney has to offer – Cruella de Vil and Hades. However, as great as these characters are, and as much as we love Violet and Dory, there’s an underrated hero that deserves a moment to shine against The Fractured.

One look at a Reddit thread shows that players are keen for there to be a Disney Mirrorverse Darkwing Duck, and frankly, it’s a sentiment that we share at Pocket Tactics. Yes, the current roster is fabulous, but this guy is a real hero, one that has what it takes to be a powerful guardian.

In fact, not only do people want him in the mobile game, they already have an idea of what role they’d like him to play. As Reddit user, Rexero13 says, “Ranged, Please. I Got my support duck (Scrooge), tank duck (Donald), I’d like him to be ranged with his gas gun that also shoots grappling (maybe like Woody?)’. Honestly, despite Elsa being our main girl for this class, we dig the idea of Darkwing Duck being a ranged guardian.

Is Darkwing Duck coming to Disney Mirrorverse?

Never say never, but it might just be a pipe dream to see this hero of the 1990s show up to fight the Fractured.

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