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Duet Night Abyss pre-registration now open for fans of fantasy

Prepare for adventure and sign up for Duet Night Abyss pre-registration now to secure some benefits at launch, and be in the know for all the latest news.

Duet Night Abyss pre registration: official artwork showcasing multiple characters

There’s a new fantasy adventure coming up – with Duet Night Abyss pre-registration now open, along with a debut trailer showcasing what the game entails. We’re not quite sure what pre-registration bonuses you get just yet, but keep your eyes peeled as we’ll update you on the details right here.

Hero Entertainment, the studio behind other hit games such as Punishing: Gray Raven and Wuthering Waves, shows off their fantasy RPG, coming to mobile and PC soon. You can pre-register on the game’s website to be in the know as soon as it drops. On top of that, in March 2024 Hero Games announced a Duet Night Abyss technical test on PC, allowing players around the world to try out this exciting new game for themselves. Check out our Duet Night Abyss release date and beta guide to find out more.

Duet Night Abyss takes place in a land where ‘magic and machinery coexist’, allowing you to wield guns and elementally imbued swords during your fierce battles. You can choose from two distinct protagonists to play as, each with a different backstory.

While exploring this fantastical new world, you meet wave after wave of demonic enemies, just begging for you to slay them, as you switch seamlessly between melee and ranged weapon classes – something not often seen in gacha games. There are no single-weapon limits here. Pick up a crossbow, a rifle, a grenade launcher, or even a whipblade and take to the field.

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On top of the main campaign of demon-slaying, you can complete reconnaissance missions, track targets, and perform rescues to help others in a fast-paced, open-world setting.

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