Era of Quirks tier list and roll guide

Our Roblox Era of Quirks tier list is here to help you find the very best quirks, so you can be the very best hero in the academy, or just in Roblox.

Era of Quirks tier list: Key art for the Roblox game Era of Quirks shows a character enveloped in red energy as they attack

If you need an Era of Quirks tier list, we have you covered. Era of Quirks is a Roblox action game based on My Hero Academia, and just like the show, not every quirk has the power of All Might. There are 26 quirks to find and master in total, but you definitely want to bag one of the rarer ones to really power up your avatar. So, we’re here to help!

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Let’s crack on with our Era of Quirks tier list.

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Era of Quirks tier list 

Creator Lyrical Studios LLC arranges the quirks in Era of Quirks by rarity, with the rarer quirks being more powerful. Each quirk can be effective as you level up, but the rarest ones have particular powers and strengths that place them above the others. Below is a list of each of the 26 quirks separated by rarity, alongside the chance of pulling them with each spin.

S-tier quirks (hybrid quirks) – 0.1% chance (or 0.3% with Era of Quirks game pass)

  • One for all
  • Air cannon
  • Decay

A-tier quirks (mythical quirks) – 1% chance (or 3% chance with Era of Quirks game pass)

  • Overhaul
  • Cremation
  • Fajin
  • Hellflame

B-tier quirks (epic quirks) – 3% chance (or 5% with Era of Quirks game pass)

  • Explosion
  • Plasma
  • Jet
  • Blood Curdle
  • Muscle Augmentation
  • Half hot half cold

C-tier quirks (rare quirks) – 5% chance (or 7& chance with Era of Quirks game pass)

  • Danger sense
  • Impact recoil
  • Erasure
  • Engine
  • Shock absorption

D-tier quirks (common quirks) – 91% chance (or 85% chance with Era of Quirks game pass)

  • Razor blade
  • Foresight
  • Whirlwind
  • Electrification
  • Energy drain
  • Assault dust
  • Super regeneration
  • Hardening

Era of Quirks tier list: a screenshot from the roblox game era of quirks shows the spin menu, and a selection of the available quirks

Era of Quirks roll guide 

There’s only one way to unlock quirks in Era of Quirks, and that’s by using the spin button on the game’s homepage. You get a certain amount by playing the game, but for even more, be sure to check out our Era of Quirks codes guide.

Well then, Roblox fans, that’s all we have for our Era of Quirks tier list for today. We’ll be sure to add new quirks as and when they arrive. For even more great Roblox content, make sure you visit our guides covering Ski Race codes and Black Hole Simulator codes.