How each Eve Echoes beta helped bring Eve to mobile

We look back at the Eve Echoes beta and how it defined the sci-fi RPG

Eve Echoes has now launched, but the road to that full release was paved with many different beta periods over the last couple of years. It’s impossible to understand the changes that have been implemented in the game without understanding each Eve Echoes beta, and how they were all vital in providing Netease feedback with which to improve the game, and give us the great sci-fi RPG we have now.

So we thought we’d turn our Eve Echoes beta guide into a piece of legacy content – reflecting on how the beta process led to Eve Echoes as it is now, but also how Netease worked to adapt the classic Eve experience, and bring it to the mobile platform.

While making the game, the development team stated that the purpose of Eve Echoes wasn’t to remake Eve, but was instead to channel the classic experience of the game, while also streamlining it for mobile – bringing Eve to a brand new audience, and giving fans of the original game a new way to play.

here’s everything in our eve echoes beta guide:

eve echoes beta: eve echoes vs eve online

For many fans of the original game, there was a lot of anxiety surrounding how Eve Echoes might change the game, but in the end these key differences did a great job of retaining the essence of the original, while also streamlining it. Here’s what they were:

  • UI: an interface that was built from the ground up for mobile, and developed using feedback from the beta tests
  • New ships: brand new ships, and ship skins inspired by Eve fan-favourites
  • Omega Clone: a different monetisation model, updating the Omega Clone monetisation system
  • Yan Jung: a brand new faction inspired by Netease’ Chinese heritage and influences
  • Personal Outposts: player-made space stations that can act as bases for individuals, as opposed to entire corporations

eve echoes beta: developing eve echoes

The process of developing Eve Echoes relied heavily on the feedback gained through beta tests, and you can see below a livestream where developers discuss how that feedback helped them change the game for the better:

eve echoes beta: the future of eve

Judging by the popularity of Eve Echoes since it launched – read our Eve Echoes review if you want confirmation of how good it is – the game has a bright future ahead of it. We don’t know exactly what is planned in terms of content, but Netease have mentioned new ship skins and types that will likely arrive post-launch.

If you want to play Eve Echoes for yourself, find it on Google Play and the App Store. We also have plenty of content to help you get started, such as an Eve Echoes guide, and an Eve Echoes race guide, for those tough initial choices. We also have a dedicated Eve Echoes mining guide, for all those looking to make some ISK!