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Roll in riches thanks to the FF7FS Twitter campaigns

Two recent successful Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier Twitter campaigns mean that all of you SOLDIERs get access to some lovely in-game rewards

Key art that shows a new outfit for Sephiroth in FF7FS

Don’t you just love it when a community comes together? Especially in mobile games, and not just for the comradery (though that’s great as well), but because it usually results in some lovey in-game rewards that all players can enjoy, and that just so happens to be the case in Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier as two Twitter campaigns hit their targets.

Thanks to the Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier Twitter campaigns and their success, all of you SOLDIERs out there now have access to some great rewards. Firstly, you can grab a SOLDIER sample (mako) skin and three Shinra pack tickets, after the 777 of you gave the FF7FS season 3 announcement tweet likes and retweets.

As for the second Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier campaign, which is all about celebrating the FF7FS half-year anniversary, 500 of you shared screenshots as a result, and a recent tweet confirms that every single SOLDIER out there gets two Shinra pack tickets as a result, with a further five lucky participants getting 1,000 Shinra credits.

How do I redeem my FF7FS Twitter campaign rewards?

To redeem your lovely freebies, simply log in to the game within the next 30 days where they wait for you.

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