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Final Fantasy wallpapers for desktop

This collection of Final Fantasy wallpapers is ready to take you to Midgar and back, with an array of great backgrounds for your desktop or mobile device.

Final Fantasy wallpaper: a scene from FFX shows the characters Tidus and Yuna embracing in a pool of water

If you’re on the hunt for Final Fantasy wallpaper, we’re here to help. Final Fantasy is all about thrilling battles, gripping storylines, and an assortment of ridiculous haircuts. But there’s much more to discover. The fantasy series is also home to countless gorgeous, expansive worlds that we love to explore. Alongside the many fun characters in each entry, it means there’s enough Final Fantasy wallpaper to fill Sin’s belly. No need to summon any. We’ve got them all here for you in this guide.

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Let’s cast some magic with our Final Fantasy wallpaper guide.

Final Fantasy wallpaper: a scene from FFX shows the characters Tidus and Yuna embracing in a pool of water

Tidus and Yuna 

There’s no better love story in any Final Fantasy game than that of Tidus and Yuna. It’s not up for debate. And the young lover’s feelings for each other are eternally associated with this beautiful moment in the springs, and the gorgeous soundtrack of Rikki – Suteki Da Ne. It gives us shivers to this day.

Final Fantasy wallpaper: key art for FFIX shows an airship floating above a fantasy town

Final Fantasy IX theatre ship 

The ninth entry in the series truly puts the fantasy in Final Fantasy. It’s still a beautiful showcase for the original PlayStation’s power, thanks to the detailed pre-rendered backgrounds and gorgeous cutscenes. Relive the adventures of Vivi and pals with this stunning artwork.

Final Fantasy wallpaper: key art for FFVII shows Tifa staring up at a starry night sky

Tifa on the water tower 

Alright, we know Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t on Switch, but the original is. So, if we use our imagination, then we can make ourselves believe the PS1 version looks like this too. Plus, any excuse to share this magnificent artwork of Tifa, right? Staring out into the starry sky above Midgar, it’s easy to get lost.

Final Fantasy wallpaper: key art for FFVII shows YYuffie overlooking Midgar at sunset

Yuffie overlooking Midgar 

Final Fantasy VII is chock full of great characters, so it takes a lot to stand out from the pack. But best girl Yuffie is a ball of energy, full of charm, and her design is stellar. Remind yourself of everyone’s favorite ninja and thief with this incredible wallpaper.

Final Fantasy wallpaper: key art for FFVII shows CLoud and Sephiroth locked in battle

Cloud vs Sephiroth 

As it turns out, there are also men in Final Fantasy VII, and they’re just as pretty as the girls. The clash between Cloud and L’Oreal spokesperson Sephiroth is iconic, and this dynamic wallpaper brings the moment to life. Plus, they’re both in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, so we can definitely get away with this one. Now I’m going to go back to making my Cloud and Sephiroth amiibo kiss.

Final Fantasy wallpaper: key art for FFVIII shows Squall holding a large sword

Squall and his gunblade 

Final Fantasy VIII is something of a black sheep in the franchise’s extensive library. But there’s no denying that the mercenary Squall is a fantastic (and handsome) protagonist. Young Mr Leonhart looks great in his huge jacket and with his giant sword. Remind yourself of the classic adventure with this fantastic artwork.

Final Fantasy wallpaper: key art for FFV shows Bartz and a Chocobo looking over a valley

Final Fantasy V 

It’s hard to believe it, but the Final Fantasy series hit its fifth entry over 30 years ago. Final Fantasy V released for the Super Famicom in 1992, following the adventures of Bartz as he investigates a fallen meteor. Plus, it features an expanded job system that offers a sense of customization the series continues to use to this day. A stone-cold classic in every sense, we’re already counting down the days until the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Switch release date.

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