Nier Automata wallpaper – the best backgrounds for mobile and desktop

Demonstrate your love for 2B, 9S, and the rest of the gang, with our collection of Nier Automata wallpapers, ready to download and decorate your device

Nier Automata wallpaper of 2B playing violin

Looking for a Nier Automata wallpaper to start your morning with the sight of your favourite android? You’ve found them. From illustrated imaginings of 2B and 9S in a watercolour world, to screenshots you can barely believe are lifted from the game, there’s a wealth of ways to show off your love for PlatinumGames’ action RPG.

So, we’ve collected all of our favourite Nier Automata wallpapers in one place, making it easier for you to spruce up your background on your phone or computer. We’ve also made sure to add all these images at the correct dimensions, so simply open it up in a new tab, hit save, and you’re good to go. 

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Nier Automata wallpapers

We’ve divided the Nier Automata wallpapers into desktop and mobile versions so you can find what you’re looking for quicker. If it’s desktop, look right below, but if you’re trying to find a mobile background, skip further down the page. 

Nier Automata desktop wallpapers

Nier Automata wallpaper of 2B standing in a lake

2B looking across a gloomy lake with clouds taking over the skies 

Nier Automata wallpaper of a massive machine

A giant machine in a desolated Nier Automata environment

Nier Automata wallpaper in a watercolour style

A watercolour illustration of 2B using her swords in a battle 

Nier Automata wallpaper of a colourful 2B

A colourful and up-close illustration of 2B

Nier Automata wallpaper of 2B taking down a goliath machine

2B facing off against a massive machine with a glowing red sensor 

Nier Automata wallpaper of 2B preparing to face a machine

Pencil illustration of 2B preparing to battle a large machine 

Nier Automata mobile wallpapers

Nier Automata mobile wallpaper with 2B and 9S looking over a fair

2B and 9S looking over a town celebration

Nier Automata mobile wallpaper of 9S alone

9S eating an apple in a grassy area

Nier Automata mobile wallpaper of 2B and 9S looking over a waterfall

2B and 9S looking over an area filled with waterfalls

Nier Automata mobile wallpaper in a cartoon style

A comic-style illustration of 2B and 9S in battle 

Nier Automata mobile wallpaper of 2B playing violin

2B playing in a musical trio with a mysterious light coming from the violin bow 

There you have it, more Nier Automata wallpapers than I have screens in my house. For more futuristic adventures, why not see our picks for the best space games on Switch and mobile.