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Skyrim wallpaper - backgrounds for your desktop and mobile

With our Skyrim wallpaper guide, you can do up your desktop to make it looks like the mountains of Winterhold, or make your mobile safe with a Whiterun guard

A phone and a PC monitor with a Skyrim wallpaper on them

There’s no better way of showing off your love for Bethesda’s iconic action RPG than with a Skyrim wallpaper. So, we’ve put together this collection of Skyrim wallpapers, with plenty of options for both desktop and mobile. With all the images on this list, we’ve made sure they’re the right size for your screen, so all you need to do is hit right-click, open that image in a separate tab, and download it for your use.

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Skyrim wallpapers

As we said earlier, we’ve divided our Skyrim wallpapers into desktop and mobile versions. We’re starting out with desktop for your PC or Mac, so scroll down if instead you need a nice portrait image for your phone.

Skyrim desktop wallpapers

Skyrim dragon battle wallpaper

Relive your dragon battles with this artsy recreation of Skyrim.

An autumnal Skyrim wallpaper

With some heavy autumnal vibes, this Skyrim wallpaper shows off the natural beauty of the land.

Whiterun castle in low light Skyrim wallpaper

Continue to watch over Whiterun castle long after you’ve logged off with this beautiful early evening snap of the Skyrim institution.

Whiterun pub crawl Skyrim wallpaper

Staying in Whiterun, this Skyrim wallpaper shows you what it might be like to be halfway through a pub crawl in one of the region’s most bustling towns. Even better still, there’s not a guard in sight.

Dragon and solider in northern lights Skyrim wallpaper

Embrace Skyrim’s equivalent to the northern lights with this nightscape shot of the Dragonborn and a dragon.

A stream by a river Skyrim wallpaper

Take a load off by a calming stream absent of dragons or draugr with this Skyrim wallpaper.

Skyrim mobile wallpapers

mountains of Skyrim mobile wallpaper

Take the mountains of Skyrim everywhere you go with this picturesque Skyrim mobile wallpaper.

Dragon in the sky Skyrim mobile wallpaper

Skyrim’s dragons are a thing of beauty, and you can keep one with you at all times with this vivid background option.

THe dragonborn warrior Skyrim mobile wallpaper

Show off your love for Skyrim with the unmistakable figure of the Dragonborn for your mobile wallpaper.

Dragon priest mask Skyrim wallpaper

Swear allegiance to the dragon priests of Skyrim with this mobile background honouring the legendary mask of their leader.

Vampire lord Skyrim wallpaper

If you’re a fan of the vampires in Skyrim, you can take your evil leader with you everywhere you go thanks to this vampire lord wallpaper.

Whiterun guard Skyrim wallpaper

The star of this Skyrim wallpaper used to be an adventurer like you, until they took an arrow to the knee.

There you have it, a veritable plethora of Skyrim wallpapers for all of your devices. To make some space for saving these beautiful backgrounds, see our apps on how to delete contacts on iPhone and how to delete apps on iPhone.