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Suika-like Galaxy Mix brings merging madness to your Apple Watch

Galaxy Mix is the newest pixel-perfect portable game from Seele Games, bringing the watermelon game craze to your wrist via Apple Watch.

A promo image of Galaxy Mix showing the game on an iPhone and an Apple Watch, with the background graphics blurred

French studio Seele Games is back with another innovative game for the Apple Watch – Galaxy Mix. This space-themed puzzler shares the studio’s adorable pixel art style from its previous game, Pixsteps, as well as its incredible portability.

Since the release of the massively popular Suika Game, dozens of watermelon game-likes have popped up across various app stores, but how many of them can you play on your wrist? As well as providing this unique feature, Galaxy Mix moves the merging madness away from the fruit stand and into the wider galaxy, swapping out cherries and watermelons for adorable, smiling stars and planets.

All of the best mobile puzzle games offer multiple ways to play, and Galaxy Mix is no different. Rocket to the top of the leaderboard and shoot for the singularity in classic mode, or enjoy a universe of endless merging in zen mode. Plus, if you like a challenge, reaching the black hole (the game’s largest celestial body) is a lot harder than achieving the watermelon in Suika Game.

There are also features to help get around those pesky tiny puzzle pieces that get in the way of your combos. You can shake the screen to shuffle the board around to open new pathways or use a bomb to remove a larger obstacle. No more cherries getting in the way of your success!

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Download Galaxy Mix for yourself on the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch for just $0.99.

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