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Gamesir T4 Kaelid review

In our Gamesir T4 Kaelid review we take a look at what the controller offers prospective players, from its light weight to its lighting system.

Gamesir T4 Kaleid review

Our Verdict

The Gamesir T4 Kaelid is a relatively solid controller for Nintendo Switch players, and it looks the part courtesy of its intuitive lighting system. Combine that with a traditional button layout, durable analogue sticks, and being light in weight, and you’re onto a winner. However, it isn’t quite as sturdy as other controllers on the market and does require a wired connection.

While some people like to use a keyboard and mouse to play games, I’m a console kinda gal, and that means I use controllers. Being a gamer from the ripe old age of three means I’ve used many gamepads over the years – some are a delight that are comfortable to hold, while others are so uncomfortable I can’t help but wonder if the people behind them hate hands.

Well, it’s about time I try another Nintendo Switch controller, and this time it’s courtesy of Gamesir. As you can tell in my Gamesir X3 review, I absolutely love the mobile gamepad and Tilly can’t get enough of her Gamesir T4 Mini, as you can see in her Gamesir T4 Mini review, so I have hope that the company’s console offerings are just as good. Luckily for me, I think it’s fair to say that the Gamesir T4 Kaleid is a pretty solid controller for Nintendo Switch, PC, or Xbox players.

First of all, the controller is incredibly light. Honestly, the Gamesir T4 Kaleid might just be the lightest gamepads I own, and I have a lot of controllers (I just can’t say no to limited edition anything). Thanks to its comfortable weight, you can game for hours on end without issue, and the fact that the basic layout of the controller is reminiscent of an Xbox controller in terms of design makes it pretty easy to wrap your head around.

As such, the analogue sticks are in a comfortable position with the added benefit of an anti-drift mechanic – and we all know the issues surrounding drift on Nintendo Switch. Oh, and not only that, but the controller itself features motion and aim tech should you want to feel those intuitive movements that makes the Switch so unique.

Gamesir T4 Kaleid review - a full view of the controller

To go alongside its traditional button layout, there are extra programmable buttons on the back of the controller, allowing you to heighten your experience in-game and possibly make your adventures that little bit easier. However, while I think the controller is comfortable to hold and offers what I expect from a quality gamepad in turns of input, it does feel a little bit cheap. I can’t help but imagine that, if I were to drop it, it would shatter like my heart at the thought of watching Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

While not a deal breaker, it certainly forces me to implore any gamer that succumbs to rage to maybe think about a more sturdy controller – or perhaps a pillow to launch the controller into in moments of frustration. Mind you, developers don’t, and shouldn’t, really think about gamers that like to treat their controllers with such disrespect.

Another thing that I can’t help but question is the aesthetic of the controller. However, this is entirely subjective. You see, I’m not a fan of see-through controllers. I just don’t see the appeal of looking at what’s on the inside of my gamepad. Yes, I know what’s on the inside is important, but I don’t want to see it – though I do acknowledge that some people like this appearance.

Gamesir T4 Kaleid review - the controller with lights on

I would be remiss if I didn’t say that there’s one feature of how this controller looks that I do enjoy, and that’s the lights. The Gamesir T4 Kaleid changes colour thanks to its bespoke light effects. Better still, you can make it change to the beat of the audio thanks to the app, which does make rhythm games that much more entertaining.

However, should you be after a wireless controller, this isn’t the gamepad for you, as the Gamesir T4 Kaleid requires a wired connection, though this is hardly a deal breaker should you not sit too far away from the console.

Still, if you’re after a comfortable gamepad that’s lightweight with additional buttons and cool lighting effects, you need to look no further than the Gamesir T4 Kaleid, especially since it retails for the reasonable price of $41.99 (£41.99). Though if you want a wireless controller or something a bit more sturdy, this isn’t the controller for you – in which case, you should take a look at our lists of the best Switch controllers or the best iOS and Android controllers to see if any of our other offerings are more suited to your style.