Free Fire Max launches into open beta on iOS and Android

Free Fire Max has entered open beta on iOS and Android today in select regions. If you’re based in Bolivia, Malaysia, or Vietnam, you should now be able to download the free-to-play battle royale. This follows on from a second closed beta test in Bolivia, Malaysia, and Cambodia back in June.

Free Fire Max is best described as an enhanced version of the hugely popular Garena Free Fire. There is complete interoperability between the two, meaning Max players can still hop into a game with those playing standard Free Fire. You can also use your existing account within both versions, and importing and downloading your preferred settings is a simple process.

So what does Free Fire Max do differently? On loading it up, you’ll instantly notice a host of visual improvements, giving the game a more premium presentation. Animated login videos and stylish lobby animations enhance the user experience when outside of matches, and once you’re in a game, you’ll notice that maps, items, vehicles, structures, trees, and more benefit from a higher level of detail.

Here’s the latest on the Booyah Day update:

You’ll also see showy bullet traces when firing your weapons, new vehicle effects for added realism, and even the safe zone effect has been updated. For added immersion, Free Fire Max also introduces enhanced sound effects and smoother animations across the board, including movement animations and weapon reload animations.

Free Fire Max aims to be a highly customisable experience, allowing you to switch between classic and new sound effects, visual effects, and animation. This should be especially handy when comparing the two versions.

If you have a device capable of running it, Max might well be the definitive version of Free Fire. So if you’re based in Bolivia, Malaysia, or Vietnam, you can grab it now in open beta from your respective online store. The standard version of Garena Free Fire is available widely on the App Store and Google Play. And be sure to check out our list of the best Garena Free Fire characters.