Attention Travelers – there’s an official Genshin Impact Amazon store

An official Genshin Impact Amazon storefront is now live in America so you can buy all the slimes, standees, and keychains you want.

Genshin Impact Amazon store - Zhongli's artwork showing him holding an amazon package

This just in – Hoyoverse has opened an official Genshin Impact Amazon store for all your Teyvat-themed needs. The only issue is that it’s just in the US, but it means that grabbing some Genshin Impact merch is much easier than before.

The official store is open now, with an opening event live until January 24th, offering discounts on some products. There are some technical difficulties going on, which Hoyoverse is aware of, likely due to the popularity of the page. The company promises that products will be available soon.

So what can you get in this convenient storefront? The biggest range is the acrylic character stands of every playable character from Mondstadt through to Sumeru. Fontaine characters will likely follow soon. You can get Genshin Impact’s Dainslief, too, if you’re a fan of the mystery man.

You can also get a range of large mouse mats – which I can say are very nice quality, as I have one myself – a variety of slime plushies, a delightful Klee figure, and a range of Teyvat ‘zoo-themed’ plush keychains, which I didn’t know existed until now, and I want all of them. There are also some blind boxes containing figures of Paimon or key Mondstadt and Liyue characters.

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Well, enjoy it for us over here in Europe, we’re not jealous at all… hopefully, we get some news that there’s a UK or European version happening, or even a Honkai Star Rail merch store, too.

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