Genshin Impact merch

If you're looking for the best Genshin Impact merch out there, keep reading because we've collected the best figures, accessories, and plushies just for you.

Genshin Impact merch: Funko Pop Paimon outlined in white with a black drop shadow, pasted on a blue PT background

If you’re looking to start your Genshin Impact merch collection, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Traveler in your life, look no further. We’ve scoured the internet and sought out the best Genshin merch on the market for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

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Let’s see what Genshin Impact merch we can find to commemorate our journeys across Teyvat.

Genshin Impact Funko Pops of Lumine, Paimon, and Aether

Genshin Impact Funko Pops – Aether, Lumine, and Paimon

Who doesn’t love a good Funko Pop? These big-headed cuties are perfect for any Genshin player looking to up their figure game. Aether, Lumine, and Paimon are the first Genshin characters to join the Funko Pop line, but more are on the way in the future. Stay tuned, Genshin Impact Diluc fans!

Genshin Impact merch: Seven Genshin slime plushies, one for each element. The top row is anemo, cryo, and purple electro. The bottom row is dendro, hydro, geo, and pyro.

Slime plushies

When they’re not trying to kill you, the slimes are pretty darn cute. Now you can hug each and every one of them! There’s one for each element, each with adorable and unique expressions.

Genshin Impact merch: Six Genshin chibi figures on a blurred Sumeru background. The top row is Klee, Diluc, and Venti. The bottom row is Fischl, Kaeya, and Barbara.

Mondstadt character blind box figures

If you play Genshin then you’re used to blindly pulling for your favorite characters on banners. At least with these Mondstadt chibi character blind boxes you know it can only be one of six characters, and Genshin Impact Qiqi can’t come in to ruin your 50/50.

Genshin Impact merch: The first volume of the illustration book featuring the Tartaglia colouring sheet and PVC postcard.

Genshin Impact illustration book collection

No one can deny that Genshin Impact is a visually stunning game. Now you can spend hours pouring over the gorgeous landscape and character art in book form, rather than just through your screen. This illustration collection comes with an art book, a Genshin Impact Tartaglia coloring sheet, and a PVC art card for you to display. All of the book text is Chinese, but you don’t need to be able to read it to appreciate the beauty of the art.

Genshin Impact merch: A picture of a person wearing the cryo Abyss Mage hooded blanket and reading a book at a table.

Cryo Abyss Mage hooded blanket

Oh to be an Abyss Mage, fluffy and warm all the time. Well, now you can! This official cryo Abyss Mage hooded blanket is super warm, but wearable so that you can still get on with your day-to-day tasks. We can imagine more than one of the Pocket Tactics team working in one of these.

Genshin Impact merch: A pair of gold dangling earrings with teal glass beads and the anemo vision symbol cut out of one.

Anemo earrings

These gold anemo earrings are so pretty, and perfect for when you want to add a bit of nerd flair to your otherwise fancy outfit.

Genshin Impact merch: Two Genshin Impact themed Airpod Pro cases, one that looks like Guoba the bear, and one that looks like Klee's Dodoco toy.

Genshin Airpods Pro case

Perfect for playing Genshin on the go, these Airpods cases are the cutest things ever. You can choose from either Genshin Klee’s Dodoco or Genshin Xiangling’s Guoba to protect your precious pods. Remember to read the listing carefully though – these only fit Airpods Pro.

Genshin Impact merch: A graphic showing the giant Guoba plush in his Liyue jacket on a swirly Liyue-themed backdrop. This graphic is pasted on a blurredd landscape image

‘God of the Stove’ Guoba plushie

If you’re a hardcore Xiangling and Guoba fan like me, this XL Guoba plushie is the ultimate wishlist item. Not only is he life-size and perfect for hugging, but he also comes with a Liyue sports jacket to rep his home region.

There you have it, everything you need to start your Genshin Impact merch collection. If you’re looking for more gaming goods, check out our Stardew Valley merch guide.