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Witness watery wonders at the Genshin Impact Fontaine exhibition

Hoyoverse has announced the Genshin Impact Fontaine exhibition, ‘Endless Adventures in Teyvat’, to give us a close look at the upcoming Nation of Justice.

Genshin Impact Fontaine exhibition: Key art of Lyney, Lynette, andd Freminet in Fontaine. Lyney is flourishing playing cardds at the camera and amongst these is an envelope. Freminet is holding an open envelope.

Following the most recent Genshin Impact update livestream giving us a detailed look at the upcoming new region, Hoyoverse has announced the dates and locations for the Genshin Impact Fontaine exhibition ‘Endless Adventures in Teyvat’. This isn’t the first time that Hoyoverse has treated Genshin Impact fans to an art exhibition, but this event specifically focuses on the design process behind the long-awaited fifth game region.

The physical exhibition is set to appear in Paris, New York, Taipei, and Tokyo before Hoyoverse makes it available online for free in 15 different languages. Over 60 concept sketches give attendees a behind-the-scenes look at how the Nation of Justice came to be, covering everything from its environments and landscapes to its creatures and characters. There’s even a whole collection of concept art dedicated to combining clockwork and Baroque elements with water to create Fontaine’s unique architecture.

As well as drawings, you can browse an array of life-size figures and miniature displays, as well as listen to Fontaine’s soundtrack in full. Of course, Genshin Impact wouldn’t be as popular as it is today without its community, so this exhibition also features fan art and other creations by the game’s fans.

When is the Genshin Impact Fontaine exhibition?

‘Endless Adventures in Teyvat: Fontaine edition’ runs from August 19 – 27 in New York, Taipei, Tokyo, and Paris. More information on each location and pre-registration is available on the official website.

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That’s everything we’ve got on the Genshin Impact Fontaine exhibition. If you’re as excited for the hydro region as we are, check out our character guides for Genshin Impact’s Lyney, Genshin Impact’s Lynette, and Genshin Impact’s Freminet.