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You can get a taste of Teyvat with the Genshin Impact G Fuel flavor

The Genshin Impact G Fuel collab satiates your desire, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to grab a drink as the Traveler.

Paimon holding a Genshin Impact g fuel cup on a blue and beige background

Our buddy Paimon may or may not be emergency food, but the Genshin Impact G Fuel Traveler’s Ale sure is. The steel shaker cup released as part of this collaboration is definitely on our picks of the best Genshin Impact merch, too.

The Traveler’s Ale flavor G Fuel takes inspiration from the rolling landscapes you adventure through in Genshin, and manifests as a cactus and lime taste. G Fuel promises zero sugar in its drinks and a heap of antioxidants to make your insides happy as you stay caffeinated during your gaming sessions.

You can pre-order the collector’s box or tub now, but the product is due to ship in September 2023. The collector’s box includes a 24oz stainless steel shaker cup with an adorable Paimon on the front, exclusive to the collaboration.

About the new partnership, CEO and founder Cliff Morgan says this: “Genshin Impact is a global phenomenon, so we were proud to partner with HoYoverse to create a grand adventure of our own with Traveler’s Ale”.

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G Fuel is no stranger when it comes to collaborating with the biggest and best names in gaming – previous video-game-inspired flavors include a Wumpa Fruit to celebrate Crash Bandicoot Rumble, Power Pellets inspired by Pac-Man, and a taste of Sonic’s Peach Rings. Honestly, I’m sold on the Genshin drink, and now I’m thirsty for a tangy beverage. I do wonder if Diluc will start stocking this ale at the Angel’s Share in Mondstadt – it would go down a treat, I’m sure.

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