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A mystery Genshin Impact character has us frantic for Fontaine

The Version 3.8 special program gave us a first look at Fontaine, including a new model of character and underwater exploration mechanics.

A Genshin Impact Melusine character skipping through a busy street

Travelers! It’s happened – we’ve finally got a real look at Fontaine in the 3.8 version special program, including a new character with a brand new Genshin Impact Melusine model. This Genshin Impact update looks set to be game-changing, with new exploration methods and enemies to defeat.

The mysterious new character referred to as “a just little Melusine” appears as a bright pink and small humanoid creature with large, round hands, a long tail, and big upright ears. This is a very different design from previous animal-y characters like Genshin Impact’s Diona and Genshin Impact’s Tighnari, who only had tails and ears. She’s kitted out in what looks like Fontaine’s police garb, placing her as a member of the key organization.

We currently don’t know much as to whether the character is an NPC or a playable unit, and if so what rarity she’ll be – even leaks haven’t provided a name for the mystery gal, she’s completely new to this stream’s teaser. Though the Fontaine trailer seemed to cut off by accident, we got a good look at what we assume to be the main city in the region.

The trailer has a voice-over by Alice, introducing us to the brilliant white streets lined with clothing stores, dogs in top hats, and robotic NPCs (or perhaps an enemy, who knows!) with boats floating along canals and an explorable sewer underneath. We see the pink character investigating the city’s underbelly here, before heading outside.

The Traveler, of course, appears here – sporting the hydro infusion on their outfit. Unbeknownst to them, the new character watches the Traveler before they dive into the water, showing off new underwater exploration that we can’t wait to jump into.

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Official information is a little thin on the ground right now outside of some official Fontaine screenshots on the Genshin Impact Twitter, but we’ll keep you updated with any new occurrences. We’re working as hard as the Steambird’s journalists!

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