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Flush Fontaine’s dirt away in the Genshin Impact power-washing event

So, there’s a new Genshin Impact web event, and it looks an awful lot like indie cleaning smash hit PowerWash Simulator.

Genshin powerwash: a screenshot of a dirty clock in Fontaine with the powerwash simulator character over the top

As the Traveler, esteemed member of the Adventurers Guild, and Honorary Knight of Favonius, you get up to some interesting things. Right now, there’s a new task for you and it involves… cleaning things. Yep, the latest web event has you play what we can only describe as a mini Genshin Impact PowerWash Simulator.

This limited-time web event, titled Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine!, is easy to play on your browser. Blast through the grime covering Fontaine locations like the Spina di Rosula’s base, the Fountaine of Lucine, and more as you collect dirty water to exchange for primogems.

Now, imagine for a second, an official Hoyoverse or Genshin DLC for PowerWash Simulator. Genshin Impact’s Neuvillette could be an excellent power-washing tool all on his own thanks to his water-blasting attacks.

We all know that PowerWash Simulator loves crossovers – we’ve had excellent DLC packs featuring Spongebob Squarepants-themed levels, Final Fantasy locales, and Back to the Future vehicles, and there’s a Warhammer pack coming soon, too.

Think about it – levels set after Klee blows up the Knights of Favonius HQ, maybe a ruined Inazuma kitchen after Raiden Shogun tries to make breakfast, a huge job cleaning up Fontaine after the flood, or even clearing Aaru Village after a sandstorm.

YouTube Thumbnail

Now that this premise is set – there’s no way that Hoyoverse isn’t aware of PowerWash Simulator making this web event – let’s hope for a similar event in the future or, by some miracle, an actual Hoyoverse crossover.

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