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All Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes

In our guide to the Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes, we run through all the new codes for this rhythm puzzler’s secrets and hidden levels.

Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes: The three padlocks and door knockers of the secret vaults of the game outlined in white and pasted on a blurred screenshot of the secret level 'The Challenge'

Geometry Dash is full of secrets hidden away behind lock and key, but our guide to all the Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes is here to help you break down those doors. Since the developers added codes in version 2.0, we’ve found more secrets every time we play, so use this guide to unlock all the cool, exclusive items for yourself.

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Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes

Chamber of Time:

  • GIVEMEHELPER – Gatekeepers Cipher robot
  • BACKONTRACK – Gatekeepers Enigma spider

The Vault:

  • FINALBOSS – A True Member swing

Vault of Secrets:

  • THECHICKENISREADY – Cooked ship 
  • D4SHG30ME7RY – Nostalgia icon

What are Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes?

Geometry Dash vault codes are secret passwords that the developer adds to the game to help you unlock exclusive profile icons, ships, swings, and more to improve your gameplay and cosmetics. The developers add new codes with each version update to unlock more secrets.

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How do I access the Vault of Secrets?

You can find the Vault of Secrets via the padlock in the top right corner of the directive menu. You’ll need 50 diamonds to gain access.

How do I access the Chamber of Time?

The Chamber of Time requires a few steps to access, but luckily we’re here to help. Just follow these instructions to unlock this secret feature:

  • Enter the Vault of Secrets
  • Type in the code ‘the challenge’ to unlock the secret level (note: this may be bugged in version 2.2)
  • Use 200 diamonds to unlock The Challenge
  • Complete The Challenge
  • Enter the basement through the orange door in the bottom right corner of the Vault of Secrets screen
  • Complete the requirements to unlock the blue and green locks
  • Select the orange lock and then scroll to the ‘coming soon’ screen on the level selector, tapping close to the ground. This should reveal the secret door to the Chamber of Time
  • Purchase the Master Emblem from the secret shop
  • Now you can open the door to the Chamber of Time

How do I access The Vault?

RobTop Games introduced The Vault in Geometry Dash 2.0 and you can access it via the padlock in the settings menu. You need ten user coins to unlock it.

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