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Goat Simulator+ Payday collab gets criminal on Apple Arcade

Goat Simulator+ Payday brings the criminal bank-robbing simulator and the wacky world of nuisance goats onto Apple Arcade for the first time.

Goat Simulator Payday collaboration header showing four animals outside a red-brick building standing in the road. They are all wearing masks. One is a dolphin in a wheelchair wearing a pig mask. One is a ram with big horns wearing a dog's mask. One is a camel wearing a panda mask. The last is a flamingo wearing a horse mask.

Goat Simulator is nothing if not ridiculous. And the funny game is turning it up a notch with the return of a ridiculous collaboration. Goat Simulator+ Payday is now live for all Apple Arcade subscribers, meaning you can hop in on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, and make some moolah all weekend.

We really mean that, too, as this collab is more than just an aesthetic one. You can make your own crime mob, beat people up, and take their money. Once you’ve loaded up on cash, there’s a casino to head to: Mahatma Gambling. Oh, and don’t forget you’re a goat while doing this.

For even more, you can contact Vlad the Crimean and get jobs to earn even more money, and if a job turns sour you can don a mask for a slick getaway or hijack a car for a quick one. Oh, and if it all sounds a bit familiar, that’s because the DLC first launched in 2016 – the difference this time is it’s on Apple Arcade!

All these features add 13 new achievements, 20 hidden trophies, and 14 mutators, including Scale Goat, Helicopterkin, Dynamite Goat, Babushka, and, well, something just called Cat. Wonder what that is…

YouTube Thumbnail

Beyond that, there’s the gang of four joining the party, all assumedly either Italian or hungry. They are as follows (and they’re not goats, just FYI):

  • Don “The Enforcer” Pastrami
  • Valentino “The Flamingo” Salami
  • Dolph “The Dolphin” Spaghetti
  • Humphrey “The Camel” Ciabatta

These four folks have various abilities, like mind control and spitting water, and you can switch between them on the fly. If that isn’t enough, there are also UFO abductions, moon stranding, and canon fast-traveling. Crikey, what wonderful nonsense.

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