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The best funny games 2024

If you're hunting for the best funny games on Switch and mobile, we've dug up the best rib-ticklers and the most chortle packed titles with our guide.

Funny games: The goose from Untitled Goose Game pasted on a peach-pink Pocket Tactics background

If you fancy a chuckle while you’re gaming, our guide to the best funny games is here to bring you the most hilarious titles on Switch and mobile, with some picks guaranteed to help you laugh your socks off. With a few great family games and some more (ahem) mature titles, there’s something here for everyone and all ages.

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Here’s our guide to the best funny games on Switch and mobile.

Funny games: several South Park characters are locked in battle

South Park: The Fractured but Whole – Switch 

Well, this one has a bit of a head start, as the South Park series has been entertaining audiences for decades. However, unlike many tie-in games that only try to look like a pixelated version of the original product, South Park: The Fractured but Whole looks identical to the South Park animated show.

Painstakingly recreated to look exactly like the show, but with great RPG aspects for players to get to grips with, TFBW distills a lot of great mechanics into an achievable 10-15 hour game, unlike many RPGs. It still has exactly the same voice cast and shares the same writers, so honestly, this is so close to the actual show it’s almost indistinguishable.

Using some funny superhero elements as a backdrop, just explore this beloved world and have a giggle with Cartman and the crew, or check out one of the other equally funny South Park games out there, including the new South Park game – Snow Day.

Funny games: Paper Mario and Paper Kami leap into the air but are about to be swallowed by a chain chomp

Paper Mario: The Origami King – Switch 

I want to make one thing very clear, I do not like the mechanics of Paper Mario: The Origami King. The gameplay is great in so many different ways in the previous titles like Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Paper Mario, and even the original title Paper Mario which is one of the Nintendo Switch Online N64 games. But Paper Mario: The Origami King uses an agonizing puzzle-ring system that I would happily boot into the sun with a spiked shoe.

Ok, now hear me out. Paper Mario: The Origami King is fantastic, and is worth playing for absolutely everything else found in the game. This is some of the funniest writing you’ll ever see in a Nintendo game (not to mention some heart-wrenching emotional moments). It looks absolutely ridiculous with a stunning art style and gorgeous colors, and the ring-puzzle gameplay isn’t all of the game.

When I look back at this title I remember just how much I laughed, how expressive Mario and his friends are, and how much fun I had with the gigantic paper-mache battles that leave the ring-puzzle battles in the dirt. Kids with a bit more patience will love it, and this world deserves to be explored.

Funny games: A pixelated scene shows a robot wearing a top hat sat with a man in a robe, playign video games

Horace – Switch and mobile 

For those of you with a very British sense of humor, and possibly a good understanding of British culture, make sure you check out the lovely indie platformer called Horace. You may have seen it getting rave reviews for its brilliant puzzle-platforming and heaps of content that continues to evolve and impress through the entire run time, but that’s not all.

Horace is a heartfelt and deeply funny story of one robot just trying to help a family get back together again, and through stellar writing, it manages to make you laugh and cry in the same scenes. A real gem.

Funny games: an octopus in a suit lies in a pile of rubbish, struggling to get up

Octodad: Dadliest Catch – Switch and mobile 

A little bit on the sillier side of the tracks, Octodad: Dadliest Catch has you controlling an octopus who is pretending to be a dad, and it’s mayhem. The controls are purposefully obtuse, making it difficult to wrangle your tentacles and tackle everyday tasks like looking after your kids or kissing your wife.

The whole thing is just so ridiculous that it works, and can be a great game for you and your pals to all sit and watch. It’s a great Switch multiplayer game too! Why not make things even harder and both grab a Joy-Con each?

Funny games: a scene shows a Lego version of Luke and Darth Vader's liightsaber deul from The Empire Strikes Back

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Switch 

The Lego games have been consistently good for quite a while, and though it seems that every Star Wars title has already been covered, developer Traveller’s Tales went for broke with this bonanza collection that features every mainline Star Wars film in one hilarious package.

Using the Lego format and some pretty sharp writing, the comedy here comes from twisting familiar scenarios into the ridiculous, and it keeps the funny moments throughout every inch. Hearing Obi-Wan shout “I have the higher ground” from a ladder was a particularly hilarious touch. Check out our full thoughts in our Lego Star Wars: the Skywalker Saga review.

Funny games: A colourful scene shows a young man in a cool outfit playign guitar to a hueg crowd

The Artful Escape – Switch and mobile 

An intergalactic tale of spreading music and love through the cosmos, The Artful Escape starts small but expands to universal levels pretty quickly. Playing as a young folk musician desperate to create a new persona, who then gets abducted by a space-based rock legend, The Artful Escape finds humor in its truly out-of-this-world plot, wacky character designs, and a truly mind-blowing voice cast that includes the likes of Carl Weathers, Lena Headey, Jason Schwartzman, and more.

The Artful Escape is almost worth it for the soundtrack alone, but it also manages to nail the human moments along the way in this intergalactic escapade. Read more in our The Artful Escape review, and our interview with The Artful Escape’s game director Johnny Galvatron.

Funny games: a car launches from a ramp into the air, smashing cones and narrowly avoiding cats

What the Golf? – Switch and mobile 

If you want physical comedy, this is your pick. What the Golf? consistently stretches the definition of a golf game, by applying sillier and sillier elements while still barely hanging on to the original rules. You’ll hit something into a hole, but the item you hit and what you hit it with change on almost every level.

Throw couches, launch hotdogs into holes, and sometimes throw the very hole itself. What the Golf? is a brilliantly inventive title that keeps me laughing at every step, and there are even a couple of ridiculous multiplayer modes on Switch so you can share the fun and the laughs with friends.

Funny games: a little goose strains up its neck to steal a sock from a washing line

Untitled Goose Game – Switch and mobile 

What else needs to be said. Untitled Goose Game took the world by storm, and rightfully so, as the misadventures of one very cheeky goose around a quaint English village are a recipe for some of the funniest gameplay you could muster.

Explore every inch of the village and tick off objectives like “make the groundskeeper hammer his thumb”, “trap the shopkeeper in the garage”, and my personal favorite, “steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal”. Unleashing mayhem has never felt so good, and a game with a dedicated button for honking is instantly a classic.

Funny games: a polygonal scene from the game Say No! More shows a woman screaming no at someone, sending them hurtling off into the sky

Say No! More – Switch and mobile 

If you like your indie game with a touch of the absurd, well… Say No! More. This inventive title from publisher Thunderful is a short but sweet affair set in a world where nobody can say no to anyone, until one day, the pressure of your job and a particularly pushy housemate tip you over the edge. Imagine that Ricky Gervais movie but not awful.

Next thing you know, you set out on a mission to scream no in the face of every annoying colleague and expectant parent, defying expectations and building confidence with every combative shriek of your lungs. It’s a surprisingly heartfelt tale and one that’s a good laugh to play with someone watching. But it will be over pretty quick. We’d love to see even more Say No! More.

We hope this list of the best funny games manages to raise a giggle out of you, but if you need even more games to play, be sure to check out our other bumper guides such as the best Switch casual games.