Pocket Tactics says goodbye to Sean

Let's say goodbye by listing the very best of Sean Martin

Pocket Tactics has come a long way since relaunching in March of last year, and it couldn’t have done so without the help of Sean. An expert in strategy and card games, Sean has consistently put out quality work across all sections of the site, from his in-depth features to his extensive guides.

Prior to Pocket Tactics, Sean was a prolific features writer for the likes of PC Gamer, Eurogamer, EGMNOW, Wireframe, and our sister site, PCGN. He brought his extensive knowledge of the field to Pocket Tactics in a big way, helping to develop our features and reviews sections.

The variety of his output in his time with us was just as impressive as the consistency of its quality, and that’s something we’d love to highlight right now by shining a light on the very best of Sean Martin.

One of Sean’s most popular features discussed Eve Echoes’ autopilot system and its impact on the game’s players. It’s an excellent piece of community reporting that really showcases his writing chops, as does his insightful piece on Sky: Children of the Light’s music, where he looks into how players are pushing the game’s tunes to new heights.

If you come to us for reviews of the latest mobile and Switch games, chances are you’ve already enjoyed Sean’s eloquent analysis. Some highlights include his Little Nightmares II Switch reviewSky: Children of the Light review, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II mobile review.

His passion and thorough understanding of the medium is always evident in his writing, whether he’s discussing the latest AAA releases or the tiniest of indie gems.

His contribution to the site cannot be understated, and we’re naturally a little teary-eyed to see him go. The entire Pocket Tactics team would like to say a huge thanks to Sean and wish him the very best of luck with whatever’s next!