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Google Pixel Fold 2 rumors suggest it might arrive with a Tensor G4

If the latest Google Pixel Fold 2 rumors are true, you can expect the brand’s next generation foldable device to launch later in the year.

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Fresh Google Pixel Fold 2 rumors are circulating, with suggestions that the next foldable phone from the smartphone brand is to skip the Tensor G3 chip of the Pixel 8 Series and release later in the year utilizing a brand new Tensor G4. Not only that, but the second Pixel foldable might be the first smartphone from the company to employ 16GB of RAM, turning it into a real powerhouse for AI capabilities.

According to a source for Android Authority, the Google Pixel Fold 2 could arrive alongside the Pixel 9 later in the year, giving the brand more time to polish the tweaks and harness the power of the next-generation Tensor G4 chipset. Apparently, Google has been internally testing the Pixel Fold 2 with a Tensor G4 processor for the last couple of months, having first tried out the G3 with its next folding phone.

While the new chipset is the most exciting development of these latest rumors, the news that the Pixel Fold 2 could contain 16GB of RAM isn’t something to gloss over. This boost from the 12GB of the original Fold would equal that of the OnePlus Open and surpass the 12GB of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. In simple terms, this increase in RAM wouldn’t just make day-to-day and gaming performance on the next Pixel Fold smoother but also provide plenty of power for Google to go all-in on AI features, much like Samsung has with its latest S24 Series of smartphones.

Of course, you should take these latest Google Pixel Fold 2 rumors with a pinch of salt until we hear anything official from the company. Still, it wouldn’t be a major shock to see Google embrace its freshest chipset on its next foldable, with the original Pixel Fold drawing some criticism for having a slightly lackluster chipset compared to the Pixel 8 Series that arrived just a few months later. If the company wants to continue to compete with big names like Apple and OnePlus in the foldable arena, it makes sense to equip its next device with its latest and greatest technology.

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So, that’s the latest Google Pixel Fold 2 rumors, positing a late 2024 release for the second generation Pixel foldable. If you’re looking for a new smartphone yourself, be sure to check out our picks for the best Google Pixel phones, the best Samsung phones, and the best Xiaomi phones. Or, if you’re more interested in play, see our list of the best portable gaming consoles.