How to play GTA V mobile

Though there isn't an official GTA V mobile port, you can dive into virtual crime all the time by streaming Grand Theft Auto V on mobile via Steam Link.

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There’s no doubt that GTA V, mobile port or not, is a juggernaut in the modern gaming world. In the near decade since its release, it has managed to maintain cultural relevance due to its freedom of exploration, unique servers, and custom mods – and it doesn’t look like it’s dying off any time soon. As such, it seems baffling that we’re yet to see an official Grand Theft Auto V mobile port, but with our help, you can still get your dose of crime-fuelled action on the go.

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Now let’s take a look at how to play GTA V mobile.

Is there an official GTA V mobile port?

While many GTA games have made their way to mobile, there’s no official GTA V mobile port, mostly due to the sheer size of the game. GTA V has been out for over a decade at this point, and it still doesn’t look like we’re getting an official mobile port any time soon.

However, you can play GTA V on mobile either by streaming it through Steam Link, or unofficial APKs. We recommend using caution when considering unofficial APKs, especially as many of the GTA V APKs are only available through unfamiliar sites, and therefore may host viruses or malware.

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How to play GTA V mobile via Steam Link

As mentioned above, the safest way to play GTA V mobile is through Steam Link. This works on both Android and iOS but requires you to have a copy of GTA V on Steam and installed on your PC. You also need to download the official Steam Link app on your mobile device. Most medium-range to high-range mobiles can run GTA V through this method with no technical issues, but you need a fast and stable internet connection with low ping to run the game smoothly on your phone.

Of course, before you go purchasing a copy of GTA V on Steam, you should make sure that your PC can handle it. Check out the GTA V system requirements and test whether your pc can run it over on PC Game Benchmark. After purchasing and installing GTA V on your PC, you need to create a GTA profile and run the game.

So, once you’ve got all that set up, follow these steps to play GTA V on mobile:

  • Download the Steam Link app on Google Play or the App Store
  • Open both the Steam Link app and the Steam client on your PC
  • In the Steam PC client, go to the ‘Steam’ tab and hit ‘settings’
  • In the settings window, go to ‘remote play’ and tick the ‘enable remote play’ checkbox
  • Hit the ‘pair steam link’ button below the list of devices
  • The Steam Link app on your phone should scan for your PC, then provide a four-digit PIN
  • Enter the PIN into the ‘authorise device’ textbox that pops up on your Steam PC client and hit ‘ok’
  • After that, your device’s name should show up in the Steam PC client’s remote play window
  • Wait for your Steam Link app to test the network connection, then hit ‘ok’
  • Hit the ‘start playing’ button to access your Steam library on your phone
  • Launch GTA V

And there you go! If you’re having trouble and would like a visual guide to help you through the steps above, check out the embedded video from Android 9 Hacks. We also recommend that you use a controller when playing GTA V on mobile, as the touchscreen controls can be a bit cumbersome.

That’s all we’ve got on GTA V mobile for now. Of course, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if Rockstar ever sets its sights on an official Grand Theft Auto V mobile port.

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