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Harvestella animals - from livestock to mounts

Harvestella animals are a true delight, whether you're gathering eggs from clucking cluffowls or traversing towns with a terrific totokaku

Harvestella animals - a totokaku sleeping on Bird's Eye Brae

Though crops and swords are very important, you shouldn’t sleep on Harvestella animals. Setting yourself up with a small holding of livestock and a floppy-eared mount might be costly, but it becomes a worthwhile investment in no time. So let’s take a look at how to adopt and take care of wonderful woolums, clucky cluffowls, and terrific totokakus, and the benefits of having them.

If you’re wondering how to use up all the milk and eggs you gain from your livestock, be sure to check out our Harvestella cooking guide. We’ve also got a Harvestella romance guide, if you’re looking for a more human-shaped friend to join your family.

How do I get Harvestella animals on my farm?

If you want to take in and rear animals, you need to start by providing them with a place to stay. The renovator in Lethe offers farm upgrades, and you can pay him a chunk of grilla and a couple of materials to install and upgrade animal pens on your farm. There are two types of livestock in the game – woolums and cluffowls – and the level of your pen dictates how many of them you can keep.

Harvestella animal pen

Harvestella cluffowl pen

  • Cost: 5k grilla, five lumber, five hard stone
  • Capacity: three cluffowl

Harvestella cluffowl pen lv 2

  • Cost: 10k grilla, ten hard lumber, ten clay (requires cluffowl pen)
  • Capacity: six cluffowl

Harvestella woolum pen

  • Cost: 6.5k grilla, five lumber, five hard stone
  • Capacity: three woolum

Harvestella woolum pen lv 2

  • Cost: 12.5k grilla, ten hard lumber, ten clay (requires woolum pen)
  • Capacity: six woolum

When you have a pen built, you can purchase one cluffowl and one woolum a day from the Conellu Emporium in Lethe. One cluffowl costs 500 grilla, and one woolum costs 900 grilla.

Harvestella animals - a group of happy cluffowls

How do I take care of my Harvestella animals?

To keep your animals happy, you need to treat them well – which naturally means petting them and making sure they’re well-fed. The first part’s pretty simple. All you need to do is approach your animal and interact with them once a day to show them you care. When it comes to food, you can purchase cluffowl and woolum feed for 100 grilla each from the Conellu Emporium, or you can snap up the feed maker recipe for 200 grilla, which is by far the more economical option.

The feed maker is a machine that costs two lumber and two rusty metal to craft. Each feed maker can produce four woolum or cluffowl feed overnight depending on what ingredients you process. Check out our Harvestella machines guide to find out more. Cluffowl and woolums eat one feed each every day. You can add a stack of multiple feed to the silos in each pen. The silos automatically dispense feed for your animals each day, so it’s always good to keep them stocked up.

When you initially purchase Harvestella animals, they come as babies, and take three days with food to mature and start producing. Woolums produce one milk and cluffowls produce one egg each day that they’re fed.

Following the above tips to ensure your animals have a steady supply of feed and petting them every day increases their happiness. The higher their happiness, the more likely they are to produce high-quality items. You can check the status and change the names of your animals by interacting with the sign outside their pen.

In addition to eggs, happy cluffowls occasionally produce a sell-only item that nets you some extra grilla when shipped.

Harvestella animals - the mount in the Conellu Emporium shop

Harvestella mounts

Outside of cluffowls and woolums, the other type of Harvestella animal you can adopt is a mount. The Conellu Emporium sells a creature called a totokaku for 4k grilla, which reduces the time it takes for you to traverse the overworld map by 50%.

After you purchase it, your Totokaku rests by the entrance to your farm whenever you’re not using it. It doesn’t produce or require a feed or enclosure like the other animals, but you can pet it, and buy totokaku feed from the Conellu Emporium. Giving your totokaku this special feed improves its speed and capabilities.

  • Level one totokaku feed costs 2.5k grilla and increases your totokaku’s movement speed
  • Level two totokaku feed costs 5k grilla. It increases your totokaku’s movement speed, and unlocks the digging holes ability which allows you to access hidden areas on the world map
  • Level three totokaku feed costs 10k grilla and increases your totokaku’s movement speed even further

That’s everything you need to know about Harvestella animals, from livestock to mounts. Now you’re well-equipped with eggs, milk, and the ability to zip around the overworld map much quicker, check out our Harvestella jobs guide to work out the best combat class to suit your playstyle.