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All Harvestella jobs

Harvestella jobs are the heart of the game's combat, so let's take a look at all the different jobs you can unlock, how to use and upgrade them, and more

Harvestella jobs - a group of characters holding weapons outside Nemea Orphanage

Harvestella jobs play an important part in the game’s combat, as they dictate your playstyle and the skills you have access to. With heaps of different jobs to choose from, and a wide range of abilities and buffs to unlock, it’s integral that you get a grip on their mechanics if you plan to make it through those deep dungeons and beastly bosses – so let’s take a look!

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What are Harvestella jobs?

Harvestella jobs are simular to classes in other RPGs. They dictate your fighting style, and which moves and abilities you can use. You can equip up to three jobs to your taskbar, and switch between them on the fly with a short cooldown.

Combat relies heavily on taking advantage of enemy weaknesses and resistances, and most job skills and abilities have pretty long cooldowns. As such, it’s important get familiar with the jobs you have equipped and swap between them frequently, popping abilities then switching to another job as they’re on cooldown.

Harvestella jobs - a group of characters readying for battle before a giant monster

How do I unlock Harvestella jobs?

Due to the unique ability of your weapon, Proshades, your character is capable of learning each job by observing the techniques of others. As such, whenever a new party member joins your team, you unlock their job.

New party members join your team as you progress through the game’s main story quests.

How do I upgrade Harvestella jobs?

Each Harvestella job has its own skill tree with a bunch of active and passive abilities to unlock. Unlocking each new skill requires Job Points (JP) for that specific job. To earn job points, you need to use the corresponding job while out battling and defeating enemies.

Harvestella jobs - a character wielding the fighter weapon in front of a FEAR enemy

Harvestella jobs

Here are all the Harvestella jobs we know of so far. We’ll add more details about skills, pros, and cons as we continue to explore the game.

Harvestella Fighter

How to get: default

The job you start off with, Fighter is the default combat style in the game. As a Fighter, you’re a physical attacker with swift sword techniques and the ability to deal both single and multi-target damage. As you upgrade the job, you can also unlock the ability to wrap your sword in flames, dealing fire damage.

Harvestella Mage

How to get: from the Unicorn in Higan Canyon

Specialising in long-range magical attacks, the Mage job allows you to use ice and lightning to target enemy weaknesses. Its normal attacks have a long charging animation, so it’s a good idea to pair it up with melee party members that can soak up some of the damage and prevent you from getting interrupted.

Harvestella Assault Savant

How to get: from Aria when she joins your party

The Assault Savant combines science and martial arts to deal heaps of physical melee damage to nearby enemies. As you level the Assault Savant up, you also gain the ability to switch the attributes and effects of its regular attacks, and flit quickly around the battlefield.

Harvestella Sky Lancer

How to get: from Asyl when he joins your party in chapter 3A

Taking control of a spear, the Sky Lancer job offers great wide-range attacks and a mixture of physical and wind damage, making it perfect for large groups of enemies.

Harvestella Shadow Walker

How to get: from Istina when she joins your party in chapter 3A

The Shadow Walker job sees you equipping powerful twin blades to unleash an overwhelming number of blows, dealing devastating mortal damage within melee range. As you upgrade the Shadow Walker job, you gain the ability to enhance your own attacks and unleash some extremely powerful skills.

Harvestella Mechanic

How to get: from Heine when he joins your party in chapter 3B

A skilled saboteur job, Mechanic is great at dishing out physical and charged attacks, both with in melee range and at a distance. As a Mechanic, you can also weaken your enemies by lowering their physical defense.

Harvestella Woglinde

How to get: from Emo when she joins your party in chapter 3B

The only support job we’ve come across so far, Woglinde is a ranged magic class that imbues you with the power of the Sirens’ songs. Its skills allow you to strengthen your allies and send out healing waves, while also dealing a respectable amount of water damage to enemies.

Harvestella Avenger

How to get: from Brakka when he joins your party in chapter 3C

A powerful ranged damage dealing class, the Avenger job deals amazing physical distance from a distance. As you upgrade the job, you also gain the ability to switch between fire and ice normal attacks, allowing you to take advantage of enemy weaknesses without changing jobs.

Harvestella Pilgrim

How to get: from Shrika when she joins your party in chapter 3C

Specialising in dishing out AoE attacks and inflicting enemies with DoTs (continuous damage), the Pilgrim sees you take control of a magic sword that allows you to perform both physical and magical attacks.

Harvestella Lunamancer

How to get: from Dianthus when they join your party later in the game

Excelling at wide-range magic attacks and weakening enemies, the Lunamancer job allows you to perform magical attacks that ‘take advantage of the planet’s huge mass’. We’ve not had much experience exploring this class yet, but it seems as though it gives you power similar to that of an Omen.

That’s all we’ve got on Harvestella so far. Keep an eye on this page, as we’ll be sure to update it with more info on each of the jobs, rotations, and skills in the future. In the meantime, head over to our Harvestella crafting guide to keep you busy between battles.