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Harvestella bomb recipe

The Harvestella bomb recipe allows you to craft explosives to take down roadblocks, so you can keep exploring, harvesting, and looting chests

Harvestella bomb - three characters stood in the Heaven's Egg dungeon

Everyone meets a little roadblock in life now and then, but you don’t need to let them hinder your progress with the Harvestella bomb recipe. These craftable items are an important tool when exploring sprawling dungeons and fresh locations, as they break down barriers and allow you to access new areas and rewards. So let’s take a look at how to unlock Harvestella bombs, how to use them, and more.

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How do I unlock the Harvestella bomb recipe?

You get the bomb recipe the morning after you first visit a dungeon with Aria in your party. Aria approaches you when you wake up, then gives you the recipe so you can continue on your journey.

Harbestella bomb - a wall that requires a lv 1 bomb to get past

What do you use Harvestella bombs for?

In most locations and dungeons, you can find large boulders, rubble, or plants blocking pathways. Interacting with them notifies you that you need a bomb to clear the roadblock and continue exploring. Usually these roadblocks hide exciting new areas, chests, or rewards. There’s even one or two on your farm in Bird’s Eye Brae.

How do I upgrade my Harvestella bomb recipe?

You may notice that some roadblocks require a level two bomb to clear. We presume you will get the upgraded recipe in the future, but we’ve not gotten that far yet. We’ll be sure to update this guide when we know more.

Harvestella bomb recipe at the crafting table

What materials do I need for the Harvestella bomb recipe?

After Aria gives you the bomb recipe, you can craft bombs at the crafting bench in your house. To make one bomb, you need two firelight fruits from the Heaven’s Egg dungeon, and two Natural Fibers from the Njord Steppe dungeon. Each bomb require 20 in-game minutes to craft.

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