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Harvestella factions

There are a handful of Harvestella factions in this Square Enix farming sim crossed with an RPG, with different followers and lore implications to discover

The town of Nemea in Harvestella. Everything has a purple tint, in a scene of with a bridge over water to little square, with purple trees dotted around and purple buildings with orb shaped roofs.

Harvestella looks set to take the Rune Factory formula and turn it triple-A, with a homely town to farm in full of people to meet, as well as enemies to defeat and a grand mystery to uncover. One aspect of the world is Harvestella factions, different groups that certain characters are affiliated with.

While there’s pretty slim information about Harvestella factions, we still know the names of a few of them and can infer some of the implications therein. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, however, as developer Square Enix is posting new blogs about the game at a steady rate.

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Harvestella factions

For now, we only know about three Harvestella factions and very little about them too, but we’ve got all the information announced so far down below.

Tiny characters stood on a balcony of a large tower looking up at a giant plant-like structure blotting out the sun in a cloudy sky, in a screenshot from Harvestella.

Argus brigade

The Argus brigade is, assumedly, some sort of armed force in the world of Harvestella. We know that Asyl is a member, though we know little else, other than that he plays a part in protecting the village.

Seaslight order

The Seaslight order is a group of people who worship the Seaslights, as I’m sure you already guessed. These are four big crystals that govern the seasons, and apparently “all life receives their blessings.” We know that Shrika is a missionary for the order, who goes around resolving various incidents.

Wind Readers

The Wind Readers are the Harvestella faction we know least about. I can’t find anything on the Square Enix blog, but on the Nintendo page for the game, it says that Asyl is “a descendant of the Wind Readers”. This makes me think that this is a group that no longer exists, and he may be the only descendant. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, that’s all the Harvestella factions we know about for now. I keep getting told off by my editor for making stupid jokes, so time to keep it simple: please read our Harvestella jobs and Harvestella crafting guides. Thank you so much.