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Harvestella characters

Square Enix’s new farming RPG is full of end-of-the-world threats alongside all the homely harvesting, so why not ask a few Harvestella characters to help?

Four characters from Harvestella stood looking away from the camera towards a large, plant-like structure in the sky, blocking out the sun. On the left is a woman with very long blonde hair that touches the ground. Next to her is what looks like a man with short blondish hair and a blue ribbon coming down his back. On the right is a woman with long red hair, and next to her is what looks like a woman with pretty standard blonde hair.

As you explore Square Enix’s enthralling RPG slash farm sim, you meet a whole host of intriguing Harvestella characters along the way, from the mysterious Aria to the kind-hearted Istina. There’s also the protagonist, who you can name Ella if you want to, considering there’s a surprising lack of Ellas to counter all the harvesting in this game.

The protagonist comes to this town and meets these people thanks to a classic Rune Factory premise, where the character falls down and gets rescued by the village doctor. But instead of getting patched up and moved along, you get to work! Isn’t that nice? I make a joke about it in my Rune Factory 5 review if you want to check that out. Or, if you’re just here for Harvestella characters, then get your friendship scythe at the ready and start harvesting some good vibes, buddy.

Harvestella characters

Okay, here we go then. Characters, aka friends, are on the way. If you’re more of an introverted farmsmith, check out our Harvestella release date, Harvestella jobs, and Harvestella crafting guides to do some personal study.

Two characters on a white background, the protagonist from Harvestella. On the right, they are stood more daintily, with long boots, a blue and white outfit that looks a bit like something an old-time baker would wear, and blonde hair tied up. On the right they're in more of a hero pose, bow and arrow at the ready, in the same outfit.


The protagonist

  • Occupation: traveller

This is you! Yes, you, the person on the other side of my screen. You use your stick to control them, and also get to decide their gender and appearance. A strange event led you to collapse, and then the lovely village doctor patched you up and put you to work. What a sweety.


Character art for Istina from Harvestella. She is a woman with long grey hair, a flowing black coat/dress thing, long white tights, and what looks like two strange swords in either hand.


  • Occupation: teacher

According to the Square Enix blog, “Istina is a teacher who lives together with the children at the town’s orphanage. She’s intellectual, quiet, and rarely displays her emotions openly.

“She enjoys reading about different places in the world and often reads aloud to the children. This is how she spends her days and she’s beloved by the townspeople. However, it’s said that she only arrived in Nemea a few years ago. Upon meeting the protagonist, she must confront the past that she’s kept hidden…”

Character art for Aria from Harvestella. She is a pink/red haired woman with a white coat and short black dress, with ripped black tights. She looks like a scientist.


  • Occupation: scientist

Aria travelled to the past due to some kind of unexplained accident. She eventually starts to live in your home as she delves into the mysteries going on. Now you’re roomies! Lovely stuff.

Character art for Asyl from Harvestella. He looks like a young man or boy. He has an elegant spear, long white boots, and light silver armour, along with blue strands of cloth like a scarf or ribbon. He is stood like he's in motion and has short blond hair and blue eyes.


  • Occupation: Argus brigade

A young man who lives in a town near the spring Seaslight, he grew up in an orphanage and is now part of the Argus brigade. Apparently, he’s straightforward and honest, at least according to the Square Enix website, but that sounds like exactly what he wants us to think. Maybe he wrote that Square blog? Who knows…

Art for Shrika from Harvestella. She is short young woman or girl with blonde hair in a sort of bob, a white outfit that has religious vibes, and black trousers or tights on.


  • Occupation: missionary

A religious missionary of the Seaslight order – worshipers of the Seaslight – Shrika fights with blades made out of light. Apparently she “travels from place to place, resolving various incidents”, which is terribly vague. I’m sure that’s what the missionaries of old thought they were doing. Just “resolving various incidents”, instead of, y’know, giving people disease and doing a bit of colonialism.

And here you have it, all the Harvestella characters we know of so far. Aren’t they all lovely? We’ve got more lovely stuff too: Harvestella cooking and Harvestella romance – two things that could get saucy.