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Harvestella faerie orders

Completing Harevestella faerie orders nets you loads of handy rewards, from farming skill upgrades, to machine blueprints that increase proficiency and profit

Harvestella faerie orders book with Juno floating next to it

If you want to up your farming game, completing Harvestella faerie orders is the way to go. Though the flying friends that move to your farm may seem to do little more than mooch and munch, hopping to their requests nets you useful upgrades to farming skills, tools, and more, along with blueprints for helpful machines. So let’s take a look at how to get each of the Harvestella faeries on your farm, how faerie orders work, and more.

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Who are the Harvestella faeries?

The Harvestella faeries are magical creatures aligned with the different Harvestella seasons and their corresponding Seaslights. They’re benevolent beings, albeit a little cheeky, who move in on your farm as you progress through the game, and help you develop your farming skills and efficiency. There are four faeries in total and, though they have default names, you can rename them when forming a pact upon them first joining your farm.

The different faeries are:

  • Juno, the Great Fire Faerie (associated with the Fall Seaslight)
  • Aeril, the Great Wind Faerie (associated with the Spring Seaslight)
  • Iris, the Great Water Faerie (associated with the Summer Seaslight)
  • Shirii, the Great Earth Faerie (associated with the Winter Seaslight)

Harvestella faerie orders book for the great wind faerie

How do I unlock Harvestella faerie orders?

A day after you complete Chapter 2 and return from Higan Canyon with Aria, Juno shows up on your farm, protecting it from what appears to be a mini Quietus. A day or two later, you wake up to find Juno has installed a glowing book in your house, at which point she introduces you to the concept of faeries orders.

What are Harvestella faeries orders?

Faerie orders are tasks or requests assigned by each of the faeries on your farm. You can check the orders from the faerie orders book in your home. Orders usually consist of tasks like harvesting a certain amount of a specific crop, completing side quests, cooking meals, or upgrading your farm. Once you’ve completed a faerie order, you can click on it in the book to complete it.

After completing a certain number of orders, the corresponding faerie rewards you. Rewards include farming power-ups, such as the Lv 2 Harvestella hammer, and the ability to plough, water, sow, or harvest large areas of your field at once, making your farming experience far quicker and more efficient. Completing faerie orders also nets you blueprints for useful Harvestella machines, and increases the quality of your fields and crops, allowing you to make high-quality meals or sell produce for higher prices.

Additionally, after having all of the faeries move onto your farm, you can unlock the waterside biome and cave biome, allowing you to grow a larger variety of Harvestella crops.

Harvestella faerie orders - Juno the Fire Faerie telling the player about carrops and juicers

How do I get all the Harvestella faeries?

Of course, you need each of the Harvestella faeries to move onto your farm before you can unlock their corresponding orders, so how do you get them? Well, it takes quite a bit of time, and a lot of progress through the main story.

Each of the faeries move onto your farm about a day or two after you complete the following quests, automatically unlocking their corresponding orders.

  • Juno (Great Fire Faerie requests) – complete Chapter 2 in Higan’s Canyon
  • Aeril (Great Wind Faerie requests) – complete Chapter 3A in Nemea
  • Iris (Great Water Faerie requests) – complete Chapter 3B in Shatolla
  • Shirii (Great Earth Faerie requests) – complete Chapter 3C in Argene

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