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Harvestella seasons, Seaslights, and Quietus

Whether you're farming, fighting, or foraging, Harvestella seasons and Quietus play an important role in the game, as do the secrets of the Seaslights

Harvestella seasons - a spring landscape showing the Nemea observation tower and a bunch of cherry blossom trees

Just like the real world, Harvestella seasons dramatically affect the weather, daylight hours, and what crops and plants flourish outdoors. However, unlike the real world, there are Harvestella Seaslights for each season located in different towns, and before one season rolls into the next, you’re faced with Quietus – also known as the ‘season of death’.

So let’s take a look at each of the seasons, their Seaslights, and what exactly Harvestella’s Quietus is. While you’re here, be sure to check out our Harvestella crops guide to work out what to grow throughout the year, and our Harvestella jobs guide so you can grow your combat skills, too.

How long do Harvestella seasons last?

Each Harvestella season is 30 in-game days long, with a one-day period of Quietus following them before the next season starts.

Harvestella seasons

Harvestella seasons - spring zephyr in Nemea

Harvestella Spring Zephyr

The first season you experience when starting Harvestella, Spring Zephyr, falls between Winter and Summer Breeze. Marking a rise in temperature and longer daylight hours, Spring sees plenty of flowers and crops growing again after the cold darkness of Winter.

The Spring Seaslight is located in Nemea Town, beyond Njord Steppe. Due to its proximity to the Spring Seaslight, Nemea Town experiences Spring Zephyr year-round, with cherry blossoms constantly in bloom around it.

Harvestella seasons - summer breeze in Shatolla

Harvestella Summer Breeze

The warmest season of the year, Summer Breeze, is characterised by high temperatures and long days. With a wide variety of luscious crops, Summer is a great season for farming watermelons, seatide garlic, and other specialties.

The Summer Seaslight is located in Shatolla, the seaside town beyond the Jade Forest. With its proximity to the Summer Seaslight, Shatolla sees a year-round Summer Breeze, turning it into a sunny, ocean resort, with vibrant coral and swaying palm trees.

Harvestella seasons - autumn chill in Higan Canyon

Harvestella Autumn Chill

Autumn Chill, also known as Fall or Autumn, sees the temperatures drop and days grow shorter before the true cold of Winter sets in. The leaves on the trees grow a striking golden-orange, and lantern pumpkins come into season, making for a wonderfully vibrant season.

The Fall Seaslight is located in Higan Canyon, to the northwest of Bird’s Eye Brae and Lethe. Higan Canyon’s close proximity to the Fall Seaslight means it experiences Autumn Chill year-round, with its vegetation taking on an almost volcanic hue.

Harvestella seasons - winter in Argene, showing the playing character running through the snow

Harvestella Winter

The coldest and darkest season of the year, Harvestella’s Winter sees the days reach their shortest and temperatures drop to all-time lows. Crops and plants are quite limited in this season, so it’s usually time to put down the hoe and watering can, wrap up warm, and get to completing other tasks. You can still make some good profit on chilly plants, though!

The Winter Seaslight is in the Holy Capital Argene, plunging the beautiful mountain town into a perpetual winter.

Harvestella Quietus

Quietus is an intermediary season that marks the change between each of the four main seasons. Known as the ‘season of death’, it poses a threat to all life, causing crops to wither and people to hide inside their homes.

It’s important to prepare your farm for the coming of Quietus. Shrubs, saplings, and trees don’t die during this period, but all other crops do. So be mindful of the growth times for each seed, and don’t plant anything in the last five days of a season unless it will yield its produce in time. Because shrubs, trees, and saplings have immunity to Quietus, it’s also a good idea to plant them a few days before their season begins, so they’re mature and ready to be harvested as soon as their season rolls around.

During Quietus, you’re still free to explore Bird’s Eye Brae and Lethe Village, though the villages remain locked indoors and won’t speak to you for its duration. You can use this time to catch up on cooking, crafting, fishing, and some limited harvesting, or you can head to the old well on your farm.

Harvestella Quietus, showing the player looking out into the distance at Bird's Eye Brae

Harvestella Quietus dungeon (Karenoid)

The Old Well transforms during Quietus, becoming a unique, one-day dungeon called Karenoid, or, to most players, Harvestella’s Quietus dungeon. The dungeon consists of multiple floors, each with an arrangement of glowing wells. When looking into a glowing well, one of three actions can happen:

  • Enemies spawn, launching you into a battle
  • You gain a random item
  • You’re given the opportunity to move to the next floor

Your party members join you as usual while exploring Karenoid. Every fifth floor is a ‘boss floor’, with tougher enemies. After defeating them, you gain two treasure chests, a Motus Monolite where you can save your progress or call it quits, and the option to delve deeper into the dungeon.

Enemies start at level 20 on the first floor, and remain the same for five floors until you reach the ‘boss floor’. After that, their level increases by five every five floors.

That’s all you need to know about Harvestella seasons, Seaslights, and Quietus. For more help in this epic adventure, check out our Harvestella characters, Harvestella romance, Harvestella fishing, and Harvestella crafting guides.