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Kuromi brings chaos to Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s Halloween event

Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s Halloween update brings an autumnal atmosphere to the summery island, full of tricks, treats, and devilish duos.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Halloween: Zoomed-in key art for the Hello Kitty Island Adventure Halloween event, centering Kuromi in her witch outfit, Hello Kitty, and a generic brown dog player character. In the purple background you can see the silhouettes of Berry and Cherry flying in the sky

Spooky season has arrived in Big Adventures Park with the Hello Kitty Island Adventure Halloween update, Kuromi’s Spooky Celebration. Anyone familiar with the Sanrio crew knows that Kuromi is always looking for an excuse to play pranks on her friends and cause island mischief.

Since its launch earlier this year, Sanrio and Sunblink have continued to update Hello Kitty Island Adventure, adding new seasonal content as well as quality-of-life changes. Playing this fun and easy game is a great way to celebrate the Halloween season if you want to avoid the big scares of horror games.

We’ve already had the chance to decorate visitor cabins for a range of the main cast’s friends, but this update finally allows you to claim a cabin as your own to fill with furniture that reflects your personality. Plus, you can decorate a friendship cabin on your friend’s island in multiplayer to give yourself a home away from home.

That’s not the only major change coming in version 1.2. Kuromi’s pals Baku and Berry and Cherry (aka Lloromannic) will pay a visit to the island if you make a cabin for them. Baku is a permanent visitor, but the Lloromannic duo is only traveling this month, so make sure you’re prepared! There’s also more main story content coming, showing off more of Kiki and Lala’s Cloud Island and giving you a chance to team up with Retsuko to solve a mystery.

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When is Kuromi’s Spooky Celebration in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

The Spooky Celebration runs from October 1 to November 6, 2023 across the island. Nab yourself a cute Halloween costume from the daily login calendar and trick, treat, and trade with your island pals to unlock exclusive furniture for the season.

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