All Hogwarts Legacy classes

In our Hogwarts Legacy classes guide, we list all the lessons you must attend at the famous school, as well as how they can benefit you

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Yes, we all know a grand adventure awaits us at the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry, but you know what else you can expect after you get your acceptance letter? A lot of classes. You’re a school student, after all. And in this Hogwarts Legacy classes guide, we not only list what lessons you have but what you can learn from them.

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Anywho, onto all of the Hogwarts Legacy classes.

Hogwarts Legacy classes - Sebastian casting a spell

Hogwarts Legacy classes

Below we list all of the Hogwarts Legacy classes we know about.

Defence Against the Dark Arts

This class is vital to attend should you wish to learn how to protect yourself against a range of offensive spells, and given we know that the three unforgivable curses play a role in Hogwarts Legacy, you really need to know how to combat them.. Equally, you also learn how to duel and utilise offensive spells here.


Now, the charms class is a great place to learn a variety of spells that may help you as you explore the world. Plus, given the Hogwarts Legacy upgrade paths, this class could end up being your best friend, depending on what you choose.


Unsurprisingly, potions is where you learn to brew, you guessed it, potions. This can help you to regain health and other stats, and let’s not forget about the infamous Polyjuice Potion – just think about who you could become.


Some plants are nice, and others are downright vicious, so you’d best attend your herbology class to discover all you need to know about the plant life in Hogwarts Legacy.

That’s all the information we have on Hogwarts Legacy classes right now, but bookmark this page, as we’ll update it with even more lessons when they come to light. In the meantime, experience even more magic with our picks for the best Harry Potter games on Switch and mobile.