Hogwarts Legacy beasts

In this guide, we list every Hogwarts Legacy beast, so you know not only which ones you have to fight, but which offer you their friendship

A student fighting against a Hogwarts Legacy beast in a dungeon

Hogwarts opens its doors to a barrage of fifth-year students in 2023, and if you happen to be one of those with an acceptance letter to the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry, then you likely want to know about all of the Hogwarts Legacy beasts. You can find these creatures out in the world, and who knows, some might even let you ride them.

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Anyway, onto all of the Hogwarts Legacy beasts.

Two students riding Hogwarts Legacy beasts as they fly through the air

Hogwarts Legacy beasts

The following are confirmed to be in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Dragon
  • Graphorn
  • Centaur
  • Hippogriff
  • Niffler
  • Mooncalf
  • Fwooper
  • Troll
  • Thestral
  • Acromantula

And that’s all the Hogwarts Legacy beasts we know about for now, but make sure you bookmark this page, as we’ll update it each time a new one comes to light. If you need something to keep you busy in the meantime, you can’t go Ron with our picks for the best Harry Potter games on Switch and mobile.