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Is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer?

All of you witches and wizards want to know if Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer exists, well, we're here to answer that pressing question for all of you

Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer - two students brewing potions

Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer is a fun prospect, but it’s just not meant to be for some games. With that said, the school grounds and surrounding areas are huge, and while it’s fun to explore them on your own, there’s no denying how helpful it would be to have a friend along for the ride.

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Anyway, here’s what you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer.

Is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer?

Sorry to break it to you but Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t feature multiplayer of any kind, not PvE or PvP. Avalanche has no intention of adding such a feature. You need to wait for a new Harry Potter game if you want some multiplayer action, and considering the next one centers on Quidditch, we think it’s safe to say that it will feature multiplayer in some capacity. It’s a crying shame, as the world of Hogwarts Legacy would be fun to explore with friends.

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Is multiplayer coming to Hogwarts Legacy?

No, multiplayer isn’t coming to Hogwarts Legacy. If this changes, we’ll be sure to update this guide with all the information you need to play with a friend, though that is highly unlikely. Luckily, the world is full of things for you to do, enough so that you don’t have to worry about being bored without your buddy.

Plus, you still have Poppy, Sebastian, and Natty to go on adventures with, and considering one of them teaches you the three unforgivable curses, we know you’re in for one heck of adventure regardless of whether you can have your real friends with you or not.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer. For other spellbinding experiences, you can check out our picks for the best Harry Potter games on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Hogwarts Legacy has drawn considerable criticism during its development, largely due to the fact that the creator of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, has made a number of transphobic remarks on social media in recent years.

While Avalanche has confirmed that J.K. Rowling is not “directly involved” in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, it is working with “her team” and Portkey Games, a Warner Bros. label dedicated to launching new experiences inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories. It is currently unclear whether she will earn any royalties from the game’s sale, but it is likely given it is based on her original body of work.

If you would like to learn more about transgender rights or lend your support, we’d encourage you to check out the National Center for Transgender Equality in the US and Mermaids in the UK.