Is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer?

We understand that all of you witches and wizards may want to travel the world with your pals through Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer, but is it a thing?

Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer - two students brewing potions

If you’re one of the many to receive your acceptance letter to a certain school for witchcraft and wizardry, you likely want to know more about Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer. Sure, exploring the school grounds and surrounding areas on your own is fun, but adventures are so much more unpredictable with a friend along for the ride.

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Anyway, here’s what you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer.

Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer - a group of blue-eyed skeletons in a dungeon

Is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer?

The short and sad answer is no. Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t support multiplayer or cooperative play. Yes, this includes the Dark Arts battle arena, as rather than face off against other players, you get to test your skills against the AI.

Is multiplayer coming to Hogwarts Legacy?

We can’t say for certain, but the chances are that multiplayer isn’t coming to Hogwarts Legacy.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer. For other spellbinding experiences, you can check out our picks for the best Harry Potter games on Nintendo Switch and mobile.