Hogwarts Legacy players are thankful that not every Slytherin’s an ass

The design of the Hogwarts Legacy side characters is so good that not all Slytherin’s are ass’, a sentiment that many students seem to appreciate

A Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin studen not being an ass

Now that the doors to the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry are open, a bunch of new fifth-years are roaming the halls. Naturally, there’s a lot to experience in this magical world, and the Hogwarts Legacy side characters help you to get a feel of your surroundings. They can even make everything feel a bit more real, as not everything is so black and white with them.

A thread on Reddit shows that players appreciate the care on display when it comes to the design of their fellow students. For instance, Redditor LonleyBeck is thankful that not every Slytherin character is an ass. “It’s so refreshing having characters in the house I’m from fit the description of ‘Slytherin’ and not be absolute dicks.” A sentiment that other people share.

Though there’s still one student that fits the bill of being an evil piece of work. Reddit user cmath89 explains that they’ve “seen only one Slytherin dick head and he was trying to rip the whiskers out of a beast. He is first in line on my person to use Avada [on] when I get it list.” Given that we know exactly what student they’re on about and how angry their actions make us, we can’t help but nod along with cmath89’s plan.

We also fully support commenter Coom4Blood, who asks a very important question, “can you use Avada on his goon as well.” Honestly, to us, it seems rude to punish the Slytherin lad and not the Ravenclaw girl that encourages his ghastly deeds. How on earth did she end up in a house full of wisdom? She’s clearly not very wise. Then again, Ravenclaws can be stuck up and pretentious, two traits she evidently has.

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On the whole, the Hogwarts Legacy character design is great, and as LonleyBeck points out, “Professor Ronen is so upbeat, Sebastian has such pure motives at heart, even Ominous the more you learn about his background as well.” This perfectly shows that there’s more to people that belong to the traditionally evil Hogwarts Legacy house.

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