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Hollow Knight pale ore guide

If you're looking for Hollow Knight pale ore in Deepnest, upgrade your nail and face the toughest foes, with our full guide. You’re going to need it.

Hollow Knight pale ore: an icon of the pale ore from Hollow Knight is visible against a map shot of Hollow Knight

We’ve got you covered with our Hollow Knight pale ore guide, so you can get smacking down the toughest of foes in no time. As you explore the dark and oppressive world of Hollow Knight, the one true companion you have is your nail, your main weapon and the easiest way to dispatch of most enemies. You can also upgrade your nail, but you’ll have to collect the resource pale ore to do so.

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Now, let us help you out on your quest through Hallownest with our Hollow Knight pale ore guide.

The Knight from HOllow Knight overlooks a cliff edge

How do you get Hollow Knight pale ore? 

Pale ore is a very rare material, you won’t find it in abundance like geo. In fact, you can only find pale ore in very select locations, and for completing specific tasks. You may encounter some passively as you play through the game, but if you’re struggling and need to upgrade your nail, it may be time to seek out these materials and power up your weapon.

All Hollow Knight pale ore locations 

Pale ore location one

The first piece is found in the ancient basin, in a room to the west of the entrance and the tram station. You find two lesser mawleks in the room, and you need to defeat them to get the pale ore.

Pale ore location two

Once you have the dream nail and have collected 300 essence, the seer gives you a piece of pale ore.

Pale ore location three

As you explore Hallownest and find grubs, occasionally Grubfather rewards you for your efforts. Well, collecting 31 grubs means that Grubfather gives you a piece of the elusive pale ore to help you on your adventure.

Pale ore location four

Once you defeat Nosk, a piece of pale ore is hidden in Nosk’s lair in Deepnest, just waiting to be found. You must break a wall in the room just to the west of the hot spring to find it.

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Pale ore location five

Once you reach the area known as Crystal Peak, climb to the very top and west of this area to discover a statue of the radiance. There’s a piece of pale ore in the pedestal of the statue, though it requires several abilities to get here. You should only attempt this once you’ve acquired the mantis claw, and it’s heavily recommended to also have the monarch wings and crystal heart abilities as well.

Pale ore location six

Once you find the area known as the Colosseum of Fools, you’re rewarded with a piece of pale ore for beating the Trial of the Conqueror.

Hollow Knight pale ore upgrade cost 

Throughout Hollow Knight you can visit the Nailsmith to upgrade your nail a maximum of four times. Here’s what each of the upgrades cost:

  • Upgrade one: 250 geo
  • Upgrade two: one pale ore, 800 geo
  • Upgrade three: two pale ore, 2,000 geo
  • Upgrade four: three pale ore, 4,000 geoSo you need to gather a total of six pieces of pale ore to upgrade your nail to the maximum level.

There you have it, that’s our guide to Hollow Knight pale ore. Hopefully, this helps you on your arduous adventures. If you’re looking for something else to play, check out our guide to the best games like Dark Souls for Nintendo Switch to try out another tough title today.