Honkai Impact’s latest update brings Griseo a brand new battlesuit

Honkai Impact’s new update, titled Starbound Painter, releases in December adds a new battlesuit, plenty of events, and refreshes the UI.

Honkai Impact version 7-1's new battlesuit for Griseo, showing her in a white dress

Captains are gearing up for the release of Honkai Impact version 7.1, ushering in a new SD-type suit for Griseo – check out where she ranks in our Honkai Impact tier list, and decide for yourself if you want her new version (hint – yes, you do).

The update, Starbound Painter, releases on December 7 across iOS, Android, and PC. In the new update comes plenty of events, missions, a login-specific mission, and a free Herrscher of Sentience character card. Plus, you can grab plenty of rewards like XP and materials, too.

Let’s take a look at grown-up Griseo, shall we? She uses a laser saber in the shape of a pen, allowing her to easily stow it when not in battle. Her new battlesuit – Cosmic Expression – is an SD-type support suit that deals bleed damage.

When in the midst of battle, Griseo can deploy a beacon near enemies. When her internal energy fully charges, the beacon allows her to cast her special weapon skill and her ultimate, which summons a gigantic meteor to smash enemies that fall in the beacon’s range. Sounds to us like Genshin Impact’s Zhongli has competition…

This big update comes before an even bigger one in February 2024 when Honkai Impact’s part two launches. Taking place on Mars, a huge story unfolds ahead of us filled with new characters, experiences, and combat, of course.

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Honkai Impact is getting a bit of a UI update on top of the story and new characters. The main screens of the bridge, Valkyrie, prep areas, and lineup menus get a rework in version 7.1, bringing in a fresh appearance, and optimizing the utility of the screens. Similar to recent updates in Genshin, the Valkyrie menu will show different themed backgrounds for each character. Pretty snazzy, eh?

If this has you excited for future Hoyoverse content, then we suggest you check out the Zenless Zone Zero banner, our Honkai Star Rail tier list, and grab some Genshin Impact codes.