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Zenless Zone Zero banner guide

Keep up to date with the current and next Zenless Zone Zero banner, and learn all about the standard banner, pity system, and more in Hoyoverse's urban ARPG.

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As with all gacha games, getting familiar with every Zenless Zone Zero banner is an important part of building a powerful team to take on any baddies in your path. So let’s take a look at all of the banners, the pity system, and everything else in this handy guide.

Wondering whether you should pull on the current or next ZZZ banner? Then you should check out our Zenless Zone Zero tier list to see how all the Zenless Zone Zero characters size up. We’ve also got a list of all the new Zenless Zone Zero codes so you can save for your fave.

What’s the current Zenless Zone Zero banner?

As the beta is now over, there’s no current Zenless Zone Zero banner. However, to get an idea of what to come, here are the characters that were featured on the limited banner throughout the second closed beta:

Pulling on the limited banner costs encrypted master tapes, which you can purchase in the signal shop for 160 film or 40 residual signal.

What’s the Zenless Zone Zero standard banner?

In addition to time-limited banners, ZZZ also has a standard banner called the ‘Stable Channel’. It requires a different type of film to the limited banner, and, during the beta, it offered a discount in place of a beginner’s banner that cuts the cost of set amount of ten-pulls down to eight films.

The Stable Channel features a fixed pool of characters, bangboos, and equipment.

Stable Channel characters:

Stable banner bangboos:

  • Luckyboo (A-rank)
  • Paperboo (A-rank)
  • Devilboo (A-rank)
  • Exploreboo (B-rank)
  • Sumoboo (B-rank)
  • Bagboo (B-rank)

Stable banner w-engines (weapons):

  • Starlight Engine (A-rank)
  • Steam Oven (A-rank)
  • Precious Fossilized Core (A-rank)
  • Electro-Lip Gloss (A-rank)
  • Demara Battery Mark II (A-rank)
  • The Vault (A-rank)
  • Housekeeper (A-rank)
  • Starlight Engine Replica (A-rank)
  • Drill Rig – Red Axis (A-rank)
  • Big Cylinder (A-rank)
  • [Lunar] – Crescent
  • [Reverb] – Mark I
  • [Reverb] – Mark II
  • [Reverb] – Mark III
  • [Vortex] – Revolver
  • [Vortex] – Arrow
  • [Vortex] – Hatchet
  • [Magnetic Storm] – Alpha
  • [Magnetic Storm] – Charlie
  • [Magnetic Storm] – Bravo

You can also pull all of the standard characters, w-engines, and bangboos on the limited banner.

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What’s the next Zenless Zone Zero banner?

Hoyoverse is yet to confirm any future ZZZ banners, and we’ll likely have to wait until the Zenless Zone Zero release date to find out more. However, we predict that the first banner will feature one of the following S-rank characters:

Is there a Zenless Zone Zero beginner banner?

As with most of the best gacha games, we think it’s highly likely that there will be a ZZZ beginner banner, similar to the beginner Genshin Impact banner and Honkai Star Rail banner.

However, there was no beginner banner in the beta. Instead, we got the aforementioned discount on the standard banner, which is actually a pretty sweet deal if you ask us! Of course, we’ll update this guide as soon as we know whether this feature will return come the game’s full release, or if there’s a dedicated beginners banner instead.

What is the Zenless Zone Zero pity system?

Pity systems are a feature in gacha games that aim to make pulling on banners a fairer and reliable experience.

Standard banner pity

  • Guarantees one A-rank character or item every ten pulls
  • Guarantees one S-rank character every 90 pulls
  • After 75 pulls without an S-rank, your pity begins to increase each pull until you get an S-rank
  • Pity resets after you get a five-star

Limited character banner pity

  • Guarantees one A-rank character or item every ten pulls, with an increased chance of getting the featured four-stars
  • Guarantees one S-rank character every 90 pulls
  • After 75 pulls without an S-rank, your pity begins to increase each pull until you get an S-rank
  • There’s a 50% chance that your S-rank will be the featured one. If you don’t get the featured S-rank, the next S-rank you obtain is guaranteed to be the current limited S-rank
  • Both your pity and 50/50 or guarantee carries over to the next limited banner

During the second closed beta, there wasn’t a dedicated w-engine, weapon, or bangboo banner – the only way to get an S-rank w-engine or bangboo is through the level rewards. However, we’ll update this guide if that changes in the future.

That’s everything we’ve got on the current and next Zenless Zone Zero banner right now. If you’re enjoying your time with the Zenless Zone Zero Proxies and want to explore more Hoyoverse content, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact tier list, Genshin Impact codes, Honkai Star Rail tier list, and Honkai Star Rail codes guides.