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The best hotel games 2024

Be our guest in these hotel games on Switch and mobile to fulfill any dreams you’ve ever had of owning a motel empire or a cozy bed-and-breakfast in the woods.

hotel games: a bear wearing human clothes in the forest

There are surprisingly few hotel-themed games on the Switch, though placing fiddly furniture into rooms is perhaps better on a PC with more precision. Either way, we’ve curated a list of the best hotel games on Nintendo Switch and mobile (and a fun extra choice) if you want to start a new career in the business, including some other options set in hotels.

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Let’s catch the elevator down to our list of the best hotel games.

hotel games Bear and breakfast: a busy hotel with plenty of menus showing different information

Bear & Breakfast – Switch

Meet Hank, a bear living in the woods. One day, he finds a strange shark-shaped statue that talks and tells him to join the bed and breakfast business. ‘Why not?’ Hank thinks – and then you’re off, building up each location and stuffing them full of fully-furnished rooms to attract tourists in.

No one actually knows you’re a bear, but it doesn’t stop fantastic ratings from flooding in and boosting your rep, even if esteemed guests see you hanging around.

hotel games bird bnb: a lovebird in a nest in a tree

Bird Bed & Breakfast – mobile

Also featured in our best bird games is Bird Bed & Breakfast, an adorable game where you build a hotel in a tree for visiting birds to rest their wings.

You can grow a flourishing garden too as you collect different types of birds like robins and parrots as they flock to your establishment. Bird Bed & Breakfast has an AR mode that brings these VIBs (very important birds) to life.

hotel games Hotel Sowls: cartoon characters in a shadowy hotel

Hotel Sowls – Switch

Another spookier take on the hotel genre is Hotel Sowls. It’s set in a hotel where you, a budding pharmacologist, have taken yourself for some rest.

But oh, wouldn’t you know it – a trinket of yours has gone missing, and now you have five days to investigate the hotel and its residents from top to bottom to find it. There are different endings here, too, so it’s worth a couple of playthroughs.

hotel games Hot Spring Stoary 2: a bustling hotel filled with people

Hot Springs Story 2 – Switch and mobile

Hot Springs Story 2 comes from Kairosoft, who actually has a whole franchise of these games – but we like the Hot Springs Story entry as it offers something different from the usual hotel in a tropical paradise.

Build up your own hot spring getaway with every kind of bath you can think of, restaurants, decor, and activities to amuse guests. As your reputation and ratings improve, so does your clientele, making you a destination of choice for stars.

hotel games Hotel Empire Tycoon: two hotels side by side filled with rooms

Hotel Empire Tycoon – mobile

No games list is complete without a good mobile title, and Hotel Empire Tycoon fits the bill for our hotel games roundup. Run an empire from your pocket with this idle tourism tycoon game, where the sky is the limit for your hotel.

You must manage staff properly and plan efficiently to pack in as many people as possible and get that glorious paycheck.

hotel games Luigis Mansion 3 - eight players running down a hotel hallway

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3 doesn’t have you running a hotel, but you do need to help out in clearing it up. Not in the normal dust bunnies sense, though – you need to suck up pesky ghosts with your vacuum and rescue your friends from certain doom in different haunted paintings.

hotel games Idle Inn Empire: a bustling tavern filled with people

Idle Inn Empire: Hotel Tycoon – mobile

Take it back to the Middle Ages in Idle Inn Empire, letting you run a bustling medieval tavern. Brew your own beers, host feasts, and procure new entertainment opportunities like Coliseum or bathhouse to bring in travelers from far and wide. Idle Inn is a clicker game, but has plenty for you to interact with.

hotel games Sims 2 DS: the cover of Sims 2 on Nintendo DS on a yellow background

The Sims 2 – Nintendo DS

Love it or hate it, many of us played this spin-off Sims title on our chunky old DS consoles. The gameplay is completely different from mainline Sims titles, but this game carried on the strange and silly spin-off vibes that Nintendo’s Sims games had.

Your car breaks down in Strangetown, a tiny village in the desert, and you become the manager of a very run-down hotel. While fixing up rooms and getting to know guests, there are aliens to fight off, a sasquatch to free from the basement, and robot overlords to overcome. Honestly, this game goes for a fiver or less on eBay, and we recommend it if you’ve never played it for pure fun.

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