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The best bird games 2024

Unfurl our list of the best bird games on Nintendo Switch and mobile and swoop into ornithological activities. You don't swan-t to miss these games.

bird games Untitled Goose Game: a goose running amok in a town

I like birds. I think they’re neat. So neat, in fact, that I present a list of the best bird games on Nintendo Switch and mobile so you can also fall in love with some feathery friends and learn a thing or two about them. Or create havoc in a small English village as a goose. Now, spread your wings and fly down to the list!

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Now, onto our list of the best bird games on Switch and mobile.

bird games Wingspan: cards laid out in a game of Wingspan

Wingspan – Switch and mobile

Starting off strong we have Wingspan, the board game brought to video game platforms. The game has cards featuring hundreds of bird species, from your classic woodpeckers all the way to fancy feathered fiends like the Black Swan.

Each has a specific skill and you play the cards in three areas to gain food, lay eggs, or get more cards into your hand. There are randomized goals in each round to keep it fresh, like laying eggs in a specific nest type or having the most birds in one area. This game is addictive and easy to get to grips with even with its many dice, cards, and sections. Also, there are two hefty expansions to add even more brilliant birds to your deck!

bird games KeyWe: a kiwi ballooning around a room

KeyWe – Switch

If you’re bored of your day job, why not swap it out for running a post office as two back-packing kiwi birds, Jeff and Debra? Either alone or in co-op with your chosen person, you need to sort letters, parcels, and packages and get them sent to the right recipients… as a Kiwi.

Plenty of postal puzzles await as Jeff and Debra hop and flit around the office sending important telegrams, along with themed levels for Halloween and Christmas.

A screenshot from bird games Songbird Symphony showing some penguins running

Songbird Symphony

Play as an unfortunately orphaned chick named Birb as he tries to discover his past. Songbird Symphony has a delightful pixel style and platformer gameplay, with some rhythm battles mixed in.

Songbird Symphony is packed with plenty of levels that will keep your beak busy as you discover the secrets of Birb’s true origin.

bird games Feather: a bird soaring above a river

Feather – Switch

Feather offers a very zen experience where you can fly and swoop along as a bird to your heart’s content. There’s no combat or enemies, just a nice ambient soundtrack to help you glide along to pure relaxation.

Feather even has a multiplayer mode where players can flock together and explore the skies in formation.

bird games World of Wings: a bird in a viewfinder

World of Wings – mobile

I actually just discovered this the other night and it already has its claws in me. World of Wings has you whip out your binoculars and search for critters in a few different biomes in different geographical locations.

Identify them, log them, and build a big glossary of every species you see. You can translate your findings to real life, too, as the game utilizes real bird calls and birdwatching knowledge.

bird games skatebird: a bird wearing a pirate hat on a skateboard

Skatebird – Switch

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed a load of colorful love birds with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? Well, wonder no longer, friends, as Skatebird is almost exactly that. Is it silly? Yes. Is it a skateboarding game? Also yes.

Kit out your birds with funky hats and accessories as they ollie on down amongst stationery items and kick a sick 360 out of the bowl carefully arranged in your kitchen.

bird games Bird Alone: A parrot sitting in the trees

Bird Alone – mobile

Another mobile app store gem is Bird Alone. This beautifully designed pet experience is simple; open it up, and introduce yourself to the lonely parrot within. Name the parrot, play with it, and get to know it as you visit every day.

Sometimes your parrot friend won’t be talkative, and other times they’ll need support, but at the end of the day, they appreciate your company. Take a look at our Bird Alone iOS feature.

bird games Penguin Isle: a bustling icy island filled with penguins

Penguin Isle – mobile

Penguin Isle gives you a buildable island filled with penguins right at your fingertips. Interact with them as much as you like by upgrading amenities, hatching more penguins, and adding more arctic animals to keep them all happy.

Each amenity produces gold and you can upgrade them allowing for automatic production, which means more time to stare lovingly at penguins wearing different hats instead of tapping each construct every few seconds. The penguins are just absolutely adorable. Highly recommended.

bird games Untitled Goose Game: a goose running amok in a town

Untitled Goose Game – Switch

Honk! What’s that? Oh no, it’s a goose on the loose in Untitled Goose Game. Play as a bad-tempered goose on a rampage in a quaint English village whose only goal is to mess up everyone’s day.

We suggest you use and abuse the dedicated honk button as you fulfill your to-do list of sort of dastardly deeds like stealing someone’s hat, locking a boy in a telephone booth, and stealing pumpkins.

bird games bird bed and breakfast: birds in nests looking happy

Bird Bed and Breakfast – mobile

Design the bird-hosting hotel of your dreams in Bird Bed & Breakfast. Decorate it and the surrounding garden to your choosing and build it up to cater to more and more guests, which range from lovebirds to robins, and parrots to everything but penguins.

Get your rating as high as you can and attract flocks of busy V.I.B.s (very important birds) to stay at your business.

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