How to cancel Roblox Premium

Our how to cancel Roblox Premium guide is here to save you some cash, or should we say Robux, if you want to cancel your subscription and hoard your money.

How to cancel Roblox Premium: a mobile phone is being held sideways, with the Roblox premium logo visible on the screen

If you’re sick of the blocks and want to save some bucks, we’re here to help with our how to cancel Roblox Premium guide. Roblox. We all love it here at Pocket Tactics. We have guides for every Roblox game you could possibly imagine, but sometimes you just want to save some money, or perhaps you’ve played all the Roblox you can ever imagine.

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Alright, enough oof-ing around, it’s time to get into our how to cancel Roblox Premium guide.

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How do I cancel Roblox Premium in browser? 

It’s simple to cancel your Roblox Premium account in browser, just follow these steps:

  • Log into your Roblox account
  • Select the gear in the top right corner
  • Then select settings
  • In the drop-down menu on the left, select billing
  • Click on cancel renewal
  • Follow the prompts, and confirm you want to cancel your membership
  • You have cancelled your Roblox Premium membership!

Can I cancel Roblox Premium on consoles? 

Currently, there’s no way to cancel Roblox Premium within the console app for Xbox, you instead must log into your Roblox account through a browser to access your billing settings.

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