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How to screen record on iPhone

In our guide on how to screen record on iPhone, we break it down into simple steps so you can capture gameplay footage and text chains.

How to screen record on iPhone: an iphone appears against a yellowy green background

Our guide on how to screen record on iPhone is all you need to capture content on your Apple smartphone without downloading any additional apps. We’ve got simple step-by-step instructions for screen recording, as well as a few tips on how to edit your captured content, so you can use it for whatever you deem necessary, whether it be recording a call, grabbing some in-game footage, or whatever else you need.

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Let’s get into our how to screen record on iPhone guide.

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How to screen record on iPhone

There’s an easy way to screen record on iPhone, just follow these steps:

  1. First, go into settings and then control center
  2. Press the + icon next to screen recording to enable the feature
  3. Next, swipe downwards from the top right of the screen to reveal the control center
  4. Tap the icon that looks like a circle with a smaller, solid circle at the center
  5. After the three-second countdown, your screen recording begins
  6. When you want to stop recording, swipe down to the control center again
  7. Then, tap the same screen recording one more time to stop
  8. You can now find your screen recording in your videos folder

How to edit a screen recording on your iPhone

Now you know how to screen record on iPhone, you might want to edit your footage before using it for social media or sending it to a friend. Fortunately, this is much simpler than capturing the recording in the first place. Simply find the file in your photos folder, hit the ‘edit’ button in the top right corner, and add whatever filters or effects you desire.

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