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Hunter X Unleashed codes

If you’re looking for some Roblox Hunter X Unleashed codes, then we’ve got you covered - check out our handy guide with all you need to know.

Hunter X Unleashed codes: a character standing on open grass

Eager Roblox players are wondering – are there any Hunter X Unleashed codes? Yes, they’re here now, after an update to the game.  Brought to you by Studio Unleashed, Hunter X Unleashed lets you take on trials and hone your abilities, loosely based on the hit anime Hunter X Hunter.

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New Hunter X Unleashed codes

Here are all the active Hunter X Unleashed codes:

  • Two – clan reroll
  • Two2 – reroll
  • One – clan reroll
  • One1 – reroll
  • 224 – removes oath

Expired codes:

  • FreeNenColorReroll
  • FreeOathReset
  • 450kVisitsClanReroll
  • 700kVisitsClan
  • 800kVisitsClan
  • 850kVisitsHatsu
  • 750kVisitsHatsu
  • 8kFavouritesHatsu
  • 4kLikesHatsu
  • 550kVisitsSPR
  • 4.5kLikesClan
  • 650kVisitsClan
  • 3.5kLikesClanReroll
  • 2kLikesNenReroll
  • KaydenIsHuge
  • 2kLikesOathReset
  • DoubleShutdown
  • MobileSupport!
  • ForgotToPublishLol
  • 300kVisitsSPR
  • 300kVisitsHatsu
  • SozForBug
  • UpdatePart1Clan
  • UpdatePart1NenColor
  • UpdatePart1Hatsu
  • UpdatePart1Oath
  • UpdatePart1SPR

How to redeem Hunter X Unleashed codes in Roblox

How do I redeem Hunter X Unleashed codes?

You can now redeem codes in Hunter X Unleashed. Follow these steps:

  • Open Hunter X Unleashed in Roblox
  • When you’re in the game, click the present box icon in the bottom right
  • Type or paste in codes one at a time, and hit enter

There you go! Free rerolls.

What are Hunter X Unleashed codes?

For now, we can’t say exactly what these codes may hold if we get them in the future. It’s likely that Hunter X Unleashed codes provide cash, boosts, or rerolls, but we need to wait and see if the developer creates some.

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