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iPhone SE 4 pricing rumor raises some eyebrows

An iPhone SE 4 pricing rumor suggests the mid-ranger is getting more expensive, but there might be value for money with new features.

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A new iPhone SE 4 pricing rumor is doing the round online, with all signs pointing toward Apple raising the cost of its next mid-range handset. The third generation of iPhone SE arrived on the market beginning at $429, but a reported 10% increase could push the cost of the next SE beyond $470.

This iPhone SE 4 pricing rumor is courtesy of an X post from the relatively reliable tipster J. Reve (@Revegnus1), who has since confusingly deleted their X account. The original post suggested that Apple is considering the 10% price increase but doesn’t want to go over the $499 mark. Considering the inflation rate over the last few years, a 10% increase isn’t all that bad.

If this and other rumors are anything to go off, it appears Apple is planning on further justifying the price increase with a significant redesign for the next SE. Reports suggest that an OLED display might replace the LCD screen of the iPhone SE 3, and we might also see the new Action button many believe is coming with the iPhone 16 on the fourth-generation mid-range device, plus a bigger display more akin to the iPhone 14.

In terms of when the iPhone SE 4 might arrive, 2025 seems like a safe bet. We saw reports earlier this year that it might launch alongside the iPhone 16, given that it took Apple two years to launch the SE 3 after the SE 2, but more recent rumors have put that notion to bed. With Samsung and Google Pixel each offering two mid-range flagship alternatives in the time since the iPhone SE 3 arrived, we’re sure that Apple is keen to grab a slice of the mid-range pie once again.

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As ever, it’s important to take rumors like this with a pinch of salt, even if they come from one of the more reputable tipsters out there. We’re not expecting any word on the iPhone SE 4 until after the arrival of this year’s iPhone 16, but Apple could always surprise us. Either way, we’ll be sure to report on the latest developments.

There you have it, the news that a pretty believable iPhone SE 4 pricing rumor is doing the rounds on social media. While you’re here, see what the Android competitors have to offer with our guides to the best Samsung phones, best Google Pixel phones, and best Xiaomi phones.